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Meet Dr. Stoker

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Please take a moment to review testimonials from some of Dr. Stoker's happy patients. These explain just a few of the reasons he is different from other plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, California.

You can also read success stories to learn more about real patients. If you're ready to take the next step, please request a consultation online or contact us at (310) 300-1779.

Dear Doctor Stoker,
I again thank you for a remarkable "surgical result" on my daughter. I had not seen her surgical sites since you removed her steri- strips 6 weeks ago. The 60 day result is amazing!

I thought it pertinent to inform you of yet another life- change such a surgery makes, particularly to an adolescent. I am sure you have heard many stories, but as we traveled the almost 2- hour drive home today, she discussed some new changes in her life which were interesting to me. I had a breast reduction, late in life. It was a marvelous change in my freedom to move, yet as a teen my life was difficult. One always hears about the sports issues, the difficulty finding clothes, the embarrassment and self esteem issues, what she told me was touching to say the least.

She said she found that she could actually wrap her arms around herself. That felt so new ... then the most remarkable thing was that she could wrap her arms around others and others could hug her back. She had experienced hesitation and "light" embraces from friends and family due to her size but now she felt "hugged" and people were not afraid or hesitant to get close to her.

I am certain that some of this is a projection but some of it is purely physical too. In my studies of teen development, these youths need as much love and hugs as a toddler. Children between these ages are busy with body mastery and are often too busy to notice how many hugs they receive a day. Teens are like an endocrine patient! They need space at one moment and intense affection at others. Can you imagine going through this tough period afraid of being hugged or feeling ashamed of wanting that, or not being able to receive or give that? I had no idea. It just didn't occur to me. How lonely that must be.

She thanked me over and over, telling me that I listened to her and that her life had dramatically changed. She thanked me for finding her the "perfect surgeon". As a parent, making a choice to change my daughter's body was difficult, I did not want to push my feelings of body image onto her and I hesitated. It was not until her physical pain was so great that I began to act, little did I know that her emotional pain was just as great. You mentioned that some weight loss could be due to happiness, I am certain of it.

I wanted to inform you of yet another good reason for this procedure! Unconditional hugs, painless hugs and the ability to give and receive them; this benefit is surely up there with shopping for clothes. I sincerely thank you for taking your time, for your skill and expertise AND for listening to my daughter when she stated her preferences. I have a teen who embraces life in many ways.

Oh, and to think that you did all this with a small incision is incredible, she is planning to shop and she will not have to worry if her bathing suit will cover the "anchor scar"! She is just a "normal teen" ... now that is a good result!

Thank you,

Dear Dr. Stoker & Associates,
Shock and Awe, would best describe the reaction of my wife's workmates when she returned to work after you performed her facelift and eye enhancement surgery. She, like most individuals, wanted to keep her cosmetic surgery confidential but she found it impossible to do so as her associates continually approached her to compliment and question her about the striking improvements to her appearance. The same enthusiasm and interest is also present with our friends and family members.

If anyone would have ever told me that some (day) I would even consider having a facelift, I would have said to that individual, "Belleview Hospital is calling you", however after seeing the magic that performed on my wife, I had to pursue it with an open mind. With my surgery complete and now behind me, I am extremely happy with the results. My wife's sister and our daughter are also pleased with the outstanding results of their surgery procedures that exceeded their wildest expectations. Dr. Stoker's knowledge, professionalism and willingness to pursue and employ the latest techniques in plastic surgery will enhance not only the lifestyles of his patients but the reputation and status of plastic surgeons everywhere. Our complete satisfaction with our facial enhancement surgery is only surpassed by the overall professionalism and attention to detail from all of your Medical Staff Support Specialists.

Grateful we remain.
R.C. & T.C.

Dr. Stoker performed corrective nasal surgery on me in November 2010 for both functional (breathing) and cosmetic reasons (to fix a prior surgery). He wrote the letter to my insurance company to get the functional surgery costs covered and he spent hours reviewing my previous surgery to come up with a plan to fix all of my problems and improve my looks. Dr. Stoker is the only surgeon I would recommend going to for rhinoplasty and for me, the only surgeon who will ever perform cosmetic surgery on me or my friends.

After reviewing all my pictures and past botched surgery, Dr. Stoker was optimistically hopeful that he could make a fairly impressive difference but warned me that he wouldn't know exactly what he could do until he was in there. We spent quite a bit of time discussing all the various procedures he planned to do and he spent time looking at my original nose pictures and my after surgery pictures.

At that point I would have been happy just to have the ability to breathe again through my nose and maybe remove the beak like tip. When the surgery was over and a couple of days later my bandages were removed I literally cried I was so happy. I could breathe like I had a roadway for a Mack truck through my nasal passages. It was an amazing sensation to take a deep breath through my nose and feel that much air come rushing in.

That would have been enough, but Dr. Stoker took cartilage from inside and behind my one ear and used that to build up the area that was pinched and to make sure my nasal passageways remained open long after the healing process. He completely cleaned up the tip and columella portion of my nose (the center part between your nostrils) which was protruding from the 2004 surgery and my nose looked completely normal. It looked like the nose I was born with (but better). It changed the entire look of my face. Friends who have seen me after ask me if I am eating healthier or did I go on vacation or what.

Since he reinstated a normal looking nose without the pinching and the beaky tip I look more rested and younger. Also, after my first surgery the place where the surgeon cut my nose (on the columella portion) there was a large scar which took a long time to heal and was quite noticeable for about a year. Dr. Stoker made fine, tiny almost invisible stitches which made the slightest of scars for about a month and then it was gone.

I found out that Dr. Stoker did 15 different procedures to my nose. I'm amazed at his artistry and his enthusiasm to give me a much better nose and profile. He dared to go where no other surgeon I met with would go before. Deeper into my nasal cavity to make sure I could breathe better than I expected. He is both brave as a surgeon and nurturing as a healer.

Dr. Stoker performed my breast reduction surgery in October 2008, and I'm very happy with the results. I had upper-back pain for years, as well as rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Stoker gave me exactly the right size for my body. Not only do I look good, I've also had minimal upper-back pain since the surgery. Along the way I met two other women who had the same surgery with Dr. Stoker. All three of us did extensive research before picking a surgeon, and we're all so glad we chose Dr. Stoker. (They both look fantastic too and are equally thrilled with their results.) I chose him because it was clear he was detailed and thorough. The before/after pictures I was shown were amazing, and I wanted to look like one of the "after" pictures (and now I do). My follow-up care has been great - I've had regular check-ups and I know I'm getting great care. It's clear that doing good work is important to Dr. Stoker, and he takes pride in getting good results. And I'm ecstatic to be one of those great results!

Dr. Stoker is the best cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles. I was very nervous about having a facelift because I knew if it didn't go well, I would have to live with the results forever. The surgery went very well and the results are awesome. I have the most natural-looking face and get comments from friends constantly. Best present I ever gave myself.

Dear Dave,
I would like to thank you for such excellent care. I am very grateful. I'm also thrilled with the results.

Having worked alongside of all specialties my entire career, I can say that you are representative of the best of them. Thank you for such exceptional clinical care, and perhaps even more, for such exceptional kindness and for being a truly conscientious physician...

Dr. M.V.

Dear Dr. Stoker:
As I recall, the first words I said to you the day following my breast reduction surgery were, "The pain is gone." You eradicated what had become during the last several years an ever-present and incredibly debilitating problem. I had lost almost 50% of the use of my left arm and was living with round the clock pain in my neck, shoulder, arm and hand. It is fifty-three days since the surgery and I cannot even describe how physically wonderful I feel. I have full use of my arm, I have no problem sitting or walking, I no longer live on pain medication, and I feel as if I am once again functioning normally.

Not to be minimized, of course, is your absolutely wonderful cosmetic result. At least half a dozen people have told me that I look 10-15 years younger and I can see my physical image has greatly improved. Several of my friends have wanted detailed explanations of the surgery; a few have even wanted to see exactly what you did. I suspect you will be meeting some of them after the new year.

But the surgery for me was not about obtaining a better physical look, it was about eliminating a serious and painful problem. Your expertise accomplished that end and you have quite literally returned my life to me. Thank you is not really adequate, but until some more definitive statement is coined, simply, thank you.


Dear Dr. Stoker, Christi, Tammy, Dr. Holloway, Patrice, Maria and the really sweet nurse in the surgery center (I'm so sorry I can't recall your name because I was so nervous!)
Thank you all so much for making our experience as pleasant and positive as it could be. All of you were so kind to both of us throughout the entire process. Phone calls were always returned, questions were always answered, and we never felt rushed or confused.

I realize you must do this so often, but I never felt like any of you were in a hurry or did not have time for us. Without exception, you all showed extraordinary honesty, efficiency, and empathy — quite an impressive statement to make about an entire (busy!) office.

I can't tell you how much Jeff and I both appreciate the exceptional care we have been given. We are so lucky to have found you all!

We'll schedule a follow up next time we're in LA. Until then, stay happy and well.

Thank You,
J.K. & S.K.

Dear Dr. Stoker & Your Team,
Thank you so much for aiding in my physical transformation.

Everyone treated me and my personal support group with so much respect that it has left me in awe. Dr. Stoker thank you for your gift of artistry. For being so attentive to not just my wants and desires, but to my true body shape.

I love my new breasts! I still am impressed. I dreamed of having beautiful breasts. Dr. Stoker, you made my dream come true! May God continue to Bless You, your family and your staff.

A Grateful Patient!

Dr. Stoker,
Thank you for doing such an excellent job on me. I am very impressed and pleased with the results. If I hear of anyone wanting this kind of surgery, I will send them your way.

Dr. Stoker,
Thank you for sharing your talent, for having a vision, and for making it happen. Mine are beautiful!! Arms and boobs — this is the best thing I have ever done!! And you were (are) a gift with the ability to do it right! An artist!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Forever your canvas!

Dr. Stoker,
Just wanted to send a "massive" thank you and note of appreciation. Thank you for your great skill as a physician, your passion for your work as an art form, your kindness, positive energy and healing presence. All resulting in a great outcome. Wishing you the joy of springtime today and every day.

Dr. Stoker & Staff:
I can't thank you enough for making a life long dream come true! I appreciate the warmth and wonderful attitude I was welcomed with each time I called or walked in the door. I am not only impressed with how great my surgery came out but the organization of your team. All of you made this a very pleasant experience and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you again!


Dear Dr. Stoker,
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping shape who I am and who I have become with the surgery you performed on me last year in June. I am living with revised expectations and also true appreciation of the artistry of your work and care. What you do has had such a positive impact on my body and my life. Thank you for helping me feel so beautiful!

Many MANY thanks for taking good care of me & doing a good job on me!

I appreciate who you are, your smile, your joy, and the attitude you bring.

We both appreciate what you have done.

Prosper & have joy!
C.D. & T.D.

Dear Doctor Stoker,
This card says it all ("Some pursue happiness, other create it.") You create happiness through the knowledge you have, the skill of your hands, the passion you represent.

Thank you for creating so much happiness in me. Finally to have eyes that match how I mostly feel is a true gift you provide.

I truly appreciate your patience, attention and art.

Thank you for giving me my pre-baby belly back again; for the amazing results I wake up to every day!

From consultation to post-op, all my expectations are again far surpassed by your care.

Thank you,

Dr. Stoker,
Thank you for taking such good care of me. I love my new look! And you have been so wonderful to make house calls! You really are a superb doctor.


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