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Everyone loves a story with a happy ending. That’s good news for us because that’s exactly what we have – plenty of success stories with happy endings. As you’ll see, each story is unique, but they all feature people who decided to make a positive change by visiting Dr. Stoker in Marina del Rey for plastic surgery. Whether from Santa Monica, Los Angeles, or another Southern California city, they all loved the results they achieved.


Sandra knew that, after two breast augmentations that resulted in problems, she deserved a surgeon who would finally “get it right.” She found such a surgeon in Dr. Stoker.

“Dr. Stoker was recommended by a friend,” Sandra explains. “This friend is actually a doctor himself, so I knew I could trust his opinion. I definitely made the right choice. He is incredibly kind and professional. He made sure I felt completely educated about my options.”

Dr. Stoker performed a corrective capsulectomy and placed new “gummy bear” cohesive silicone gel breast implants. Sandra’s recovery was quick and she felt much less discomfort than she had felt with her previous augmentations.

“My results are great. I’m finally no longer in pain and can feel like a ‘normal’ person again,” Sandra says. “I’m glad I decided to go with a different surgeon, especially Dr. Stoker, for my corrective procedure.”


As our front office manager, Christina has watched hundreds of patients leave the office thrilled with the results of their procedure with Dr. Stoker. Now, she’s one of these happy patients herself.

“I had a broken nose and my breathing was suffering because of it,” Christina explains. “Also, although I work out regularly and have a healthy diet, I had a few ‘trouble spots’ on my body that I wanted to slim down. I chose Dr. Stoker because I’d spoken with his patients and seen his results, so I knew that I could trust him.”

After a septorhinoplasty and liposuction, Christina loves her improved breathing and her refined body contours. She was especially pleased by the quick recovery and minimal discomfort of her liposuction. “I had surgery on a Friday and was at work on a Monday,” she says. “I felt like I’d just had a tough workout.”


“Now is my time,” Davy realized one day. She had spent many years taking care of others as a baby nurse to the rich and famous, and she was ready to do something for herself. Based on a friend’s recommendation, Davy went in to see Dr. Stoker. Choosing him was definitely a wise decision, Davy says, because “I feel 100% confident that I can trust Dr. Stoker with my life.”

Davy had a Mommy Makeover with Dr. Stoker (abdominoplasty). She was so pleased with her results that she later chose to have liposuction, a bra line back lift, and a Brazilian butt lift. She felt so healthy and happy after her surgeries that she was able to lose 23 pounds on her own.

“I look sexy now! And I love dressing up, showing off a little,” Davy says. Her advice to other women is, “Take care of yourself – you deserve it!”


Ann is a woman who knows what she wants. What she didn’t want was to live with the poor results from a breast augmentation “botched” by another surgeon. After seeing the aesthetician at Dr. Stoker’s practice (for bikini waxing and permanent makeup), she realized that he was a surgeon who could restore a beautiful breast appearance.

“Dr. Stoker listens,” Ann says. “He’s very exact and precise. He’s also conservative – in a good way – so that results look natural, not overdone.” With corrective breast surgery, he gave her breasts “as perky as an 18-year-old’s.” She also decided to pursue a face lift and a tummy tuck from Dr. Stoker.

Ann explains that all of her procedures went smoothly, that recovery was pain-free, and the entire team at Dr. Stoker’s practice made her feel completely at ease. “Dr. Stoker is an artist,” she says. “He has a very fresh and modern approach to plastic surgery, and it shows in my stunning results.”


As an O.R. nurse, Dana assisted in many plastic surgery procedures but had always believed it wasn’t for her. But she found herself increasingly unhappy with certain features of her breasts, body, and face, soon recognizing that surgery might be her best option.

Dr. Stoker suggested an abdominoplasty, power assisted liposuction (PAL), rhinoplasty, and chin augmentation – performed in 2 stages to ensure Dana’s safety and comfort.

After her surgery, Dana has discovered new confidence. “I have a flat stomach! I can wear jeans! I can go braless! And my nose is perfect. I would recommend Dr. Stoker to anyone – and I have.”


Heather is a life strategies coach, helping others achieve their goals. But when she turned her insights inward, she recognized she needed to make a few changes for herself. She wanted her breasts to be filled in to the size they were before nursing, have the puffiness removed from beneath her eyes, and a little body sculpting.

“Dr. Stoker is just so calm and knowledgeable,” she says. “Because of him, I was never nervous.” He performed a combination of breast augmentation, liposuction, and lower eyelid surgery.

“The whole process, including recovery, was just fantastic,” Heather says. As she hoped, her new look is very natural, so people can’t tell she’s had plastic surgery.


From the minute Jo-Anne met Dr. Stoker, she knew he was the surgeon for her. She came to see him because she had three cesarean sections and was seeing some unwanted changes in her body.

“Dr. Stoker spent a lot of time with me during the consultation,” Jo-Anne says. “He was very thorough and explained all of my options. I decided to have a Mommy Makeover – a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction.”

After surgery, Jo-Anne’s recovery was quicker and more comfortable than she had expected. And she’s thrilled with her results. In fact, she’s been happy to share her experience as a guest on “The Today Show.”

Jo-Anne’s advice to other women considering a Mommy Makeover: “Wait until you’re finished having children before you get a Mommy Makeover. In the meantime, continue to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. Then, when you’re ready, choose Dr. Stoker.”


Kim’s praise for Dr. Stoker is very straightforward – he is, quite simply, “a great doctor.” After losing over 130 pounds, that’s exactly what she deserved – a surgeon who would work with her to reveal her fabulous, slim new shape. Upon meeting Dr. Stoker, Kim was pleased to discover that he was “pleasant, cordial, and his staff was excellent.”

Dr. Stoker has a great deal of experience working with post-weight loss patients, so he was able to use a variety of procedures to enhance Kim’s appearance. He performed a breast augmentation with a breast lift, an abdominoplasty, a butt lift, and overall skin tightening.

“It was all so easy,” Kim says. “I’m so glad I did it!” She’s feeling great, enjoying her new look, and even considering more surgery. Her advice to others: “go for it.”


Linda, a hairstylist, spent her days looking at faces – and was frustrated that she was not completely happy with her own.

“I went to Dr. Stoker because I was bothered by the look of my aging neck,” Linda explains.”I also expected that I would eventually need some help with my eyelids.”

Dr. Stoker suggested performing a neck lift and eyelid surgery at the same time to avoid multiple recovery periods. He also suggested a small chin implant.

“He’s got a very good eye,” says Linda. “He knows his stuff.” Linda’s recovery was even easier than she expected, and she’s thrilled with her new look.


Michelle started a trend among her friends and family: choosing Dr. Stoker for plastic surgery. It all began with her breast augmentation. “I chose Dr. Stoker because he was open, honest, and wanted me to look natural. We were on the same page,” Michelle says.

He performed her breast augmentation and achieved the look she wanted. Recovery was even easier than she expected. “I was sitting up, having dinner, the night of my surgery. I only took one pain pill. It was less painful than when I had my wisdom teeth removed!”

Michelle’s great experience has encouraged her sisters, mother, and friends to visit Dr. Stoker too. “We all just love Dr. Stoker,” she says, “and we are so happy with our results.”


After what she’s been through, Pat deserves to feel fantastic. After long-standing dental problems, she underwent extensive surgery, including removal of bone from her hip and having her jaws wired shut. “After two long years,” Pat says, “I was left looking 15 years older.”

To reinvigorate her vibrant self, Dr. Stoker recommended a face lift and a tummy tuck, performed as 2 separate procedures.

Pat is thrilled with the results. What she appreciates most are Dr. Stoker’s attention to detail and quality of care. “I feel that Dr. Stoker and his staff are fully committed to my outcome, both physically and emotionally. I look and feel amazing.”


Toni conducted an extensive evaluation of surgeons and, based on personal testimonials and publications, concluded traveling from Florida to California and entrusting her health to Dr. Stoker was the option that offered the least risk and the greatest reward. Toni also discovered it really is a small world. Toni’s sister taught Dr. Stoker when he was in middle school and remembered him as “sweet and brilliant.” Toni’s sister also recommended she meet with him for a consultation.

“Dr. Stoker was so personable, I was immediately at ease with him,” Toni says. “In addition to my breast reduction, I also had liposuction and eyelid surgery from Dr. Stoker. I’m very happy with the minimal scarring and natural-looking results.”

Toni’s advice: “Dr. Stoker’s ability to enhance the physical appearance of an individual is unsurpassed. The experience and the results of my surgical procedures are absolutely phenomenal!”


As a musician, Julie is a passionate person. So, when she was looking for a plastic surgeon, she wanted someone truly inspired by their work. In Dr. Stoker she found a surgeon who didn’t just share her passion; she found a surgeon who shared her artistry.

After massive weight loss, Julie wanted to refine her body contours. She says, “I chose Dr. Stoker because he is smart, articulate, a scholar, and honest about possible results from and risks of surgery.”

Dr. Stoker also helped her through another phase of her life: breast cancer. “When I was diagnosed,” Julie says, “Dr. Stoker was incredibly supportive. He even helped me find my oncologist. Then, after cancer treatment, he performed my reconstruction. Now my breasts look even better than before.”

Julie is cancer-free and leading a full life. She looks and feels healthy, happy, and beautiful.

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