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Facelift vs Mini Facelift- What’s the difference?

Dr. David Stoker a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. Facial rejuvenation patients frequently ask, "What is a facelift versus a mini facelift?" The procedures are similar, but a facelift is more extensive. A mini facelift is a shorter operation; the incisions are going to be shorter, but the improvement is also going to be …

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A woman holds her neck after receiving a non surgical neck treatment.

Be Wary of Nonsurgical Neck Lift Promises

A number of noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures promise improved neck contours: BOTOX® Cosmetic, KYBELLA®, liposuction, laser treatments, ultrasound energy treatments such as Ultherapy®, and the list goes on and on. Each procedure has unique benefits, and at my plastic surgery practice in Los Angeles, I can help determine if a nonsurgical treatment option is right …

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A woman appears happy with her jawline in her post treatment examination.

3 Ways to Get a Well-Defined Jawline

Angular, contoured jawlines are facial features considered universally attractive—for both women and men. Instagram and Snapchat filters virtually sculpt well-defined jawlines by slimming the users' necks, and YouTube features countless tutorials on using makeup to create contours. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I perform neck liposuction and neck lift surgery in Los Angeles to create …

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