Breast Reduction Techniques

There are many different techniques for breast reduction surgery in Los Angeles. Results vary greatly depending on surgeon skill and experience. Some of the key options are described below.

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Inverted-T (Anchor Scar)

The inverted-T incisions, or anchor scars, are the most common pattern of scars for my breast reduction patients. There are several different techniques that share this similar scar pattern. These techniques allow the largest amount of breast tissue to be removed and provide the greatest amount of lift. Patients with larger breast volume, greater droopiness and poorer skin elasticity tend to be the best candidates for these types of procedures.

Lollipop Scar

Short-scar breast reductions (also known as Le Jour or lollipop scars) are an area of expertise for me. In general, only a small percentage of plastic surgeons perform short-scar breast reductions frequently. I have performed a large number of these short-scar reductions, and I’ve been able to achieve beautiful results. The best candidates for the short-scar procedure are those patients with good, elastic skin who are in the more moderate size range. The primary advantage is that there’s no horizontal scar underneath the breast. The excess breast skin under the breast is gathered together and smoothes out over time. However, the short scar reduction is unable to achieve as much lift as when the horizontal scar is used as well.

Dr. David Stoker

Dr. David Stoker

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Liposuction breast reductions have only tiny incisions, typically less than 5 mm in size, located underneath the breast. Liposuction will remove fat from the breasts, but it will not remove breast tissue. Patients who are older (after menopause) or who have a higher percentage of body fat also tend to have a higher fat content in their breasts. They tend to be the best candidates for liposuction-only breast reduction. Power-assisted liposuction is very effective in removing fat from fibrous breasts in amounts that would not be possible with the standard liposuction techniques. Having good skin tone also helps to achieve optimal results. Typically, the breast skin will tighten when weight is removed from the breasts, but patients with poor skin elasticity are usually better candidates for the other breast reduction techniques.

Nipple and Areola

Nipple Sensation

In the breast reduction techniques I perform, I leave the nipple attached to the underlying tissues and slide it to a higher position. Most patients continue to have nipple sensation, and most still have the ability to breastfeed should they desire to do so. There is another procedure for moving the nipple called a free nipple graft, where the nipple is totally detached from the breast and placed in the new location as a skin graft. Nipple sensation and the ability to breastfeed are lost with a free nipple graft. In my experience, it has rarely been necessary for me to perform free nipple grafts.

Areola Size

As part of the breast reduction operation, I routinely reduce the size of the areolas to keep them proportional with the smaller breasts. I have the ability to adjust the size of the areolas based on patient preference. The average diameter of the areola tends to be slightly more than 4 cm.

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