Correcting Asymmetry: Dr. David Stoker’s Expert Insights in Plastic Surgery

Welcome to my blog, where we delve into the fascinating realm of plastic surgery. I’m Dr. David Stoker, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles. Today, I’ll be addressing one of the most frequently asked questions I receive: Can plastic surgery effectively correct asymmetry? The answer is a resounding yes, but there’s much more to understand about achieving symmetry for different patients.

  1. Correcting Asymmetry – A Key Objective:

When patients seek plastic surgery, whether it’s for eyelids, cheeks, areolas, thighs, or any other area, the primary goal is often to enhance form and shape. Striving for symmetry is a common aim during these procedures. While each person naturally possesses slight differences between their left and right sides, plastic surgery helps achieve the best possible balance.

  1. Addressing Individuality and Unique Cases:

As a plastic surgeon, I recognize that every patient is unique, and their individual circumstances may influence the attainability of perfect symmetry. Patients with conditions like scoliosis or spine curvature may face challenges in obtaining complete symmetry. While we can make superficial improvements, foundational issues may limit absolute balance.

  1. The Art of Partial Asymmetry Correction:

In my practice, I approach each case with precision and sensitivity to individual needs. While complete symmetry might not always be feasible, partial corrections can significantly enhance appearance and boost confidence. I engage in thorough discussions with my patients, setting realistic expectations for their results.


With my expertise, achieving symmetry through plastic surgery becomes a distinct possibility. From eyelids to thighs, I am dedicated to refining form and shape while embracing the uniqueness of each patient. While complete symmetry may not be attainable in all cases, rest assured that my commitment to aesthetic excellence underlies every procedure I perform.

Contact my practice today to explore how plastic surgery can transform your appearance and boost your self-assurance. Let’s embark on a journey towards a more confident and symmetrical you, guided by a skilled and compassionate plastic surgeon.

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