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Blog Post: FAQ for facelift recovery process

Traceless Facelift Recovery: FAQ Guide

A question that often comes up at Stoker Plastic Surgery is, "What's the recovery like after a facelift?" In this detailed blog post, Dr. David Stoker, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles, guides you through the ins and outs of facelift recovery, covering crucial aspects like downtime, post-op considerations, and the role of …

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Non-surgical alternatives to plastic surgery.

Your FAQs About Non-Surgical Alternatives

I'm Dr. David Stoker, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles. One question I frequently receive is, "Are there non-surgical alternatives to plastic surgery?" Absolutely! Today, we'll dive deep into this topic, covering common queries and shedding light on the plethora of non-surgical options available. From Botox and injectable fillers to innovative laser resurfacing …

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Woman walking on the beach in Los Angeles cellulite-free after QWO Injections at Stoker Plastic Surgery

Get to Know QWO®: A Cellulite Treatment That Works

Cellulite is as misunderstood as it is common—at least among women. The search for an effective, long-lasting non-surgical cellulite treatment is somewhat of a holy grail in the aesthetic field. QWO is a breakthrough cellulite treatment now available at our Los Angeles-area plastic surgery practice for women tired of having dimpled buttocks. What Is Cellulite? Many …

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PREjuvenation: Improving While Preventing

PREjuvenation: Improving While Preventing

"Prejuvenation" is more than the latest buzzword in the aesthetic field. It's actually a sound anti-aging strategy that helps prevent early signs of aging from developing using a range of nonsurgical treatments. Many people don't notice wrinkles or skin laxity until they're in their 30s or even 40s. Still, treatments we perform for patients in …

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Woman excited to learn the top cosmetic surgery trends of 2020

Cosmetic Surgery Trends for 2020

Rapid technological advancements in aesthetics coupled with the spread of social media have led to an era of what seems like never-ending cosmetic trends. At our plastic surgery practice in Los Angeles, we often see patients who are interested in looks that have captured the public's imagination. That's fine, but we also counsel patients to …

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A woman holds her neck after receiving a non surgical neck treatment.

Be Wary of Nonsurgical Neck Lift Promises

A number of noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures promise improved neck contours: BOTOX® Cosmetic, KYBELLA®, liposuction, laser treatments, ultrasound energy treatments such as Ultherapy®, and the list goes on and on. Each procedure has unique benefits, and at my plastic surgery practice in Los Angeles, I can help determine if a nonsurgical treatment option is right …

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Two girls take a selfie after visiting a med spa.

All the Nonsurgical Procedures Behind ‘Instagram Face’

It’s the subject of hashtags on virtually every social media platform. If this is the first time you’ve heard of "Instagram face," the phrase describes a specific look created by nonsurgical cosmetic treatments such as filler and BOTOX® injections.  At my Los Angeles, CA, practice, I hear patients ask about what types of treatments are needed for …

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It's 2020, take a look at how cosmetic trends have changed in the last 10 years.

It’s 2020—A Lot Has Changed in 10 Years

The aesthetics field is constantly changing with new techniques and treatments coming to the market. Our team at my Los Angeles plastic surgery practice takes pride in offering the latest, proven procedures that help patients look their best, often without surgery's downtime.  The past decade has been especially dynamic—particularly when it comes to nonsurgical rejuvenation procedures. It may be …

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