Non-surgical Facelift vs Surgical Facelift: What is the Difference?

I’m Dr. David Stoker board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. A question we frequently receive at my practice is “What is the difference between a liquid facelift and a facelift?” and the answer is non-surgical versus surgical. A liquid facelift typically uses injectable fillers, such as a Juvederm or Restylane or a similar type of product, with little needles in the office to restore some of that jawline, some of the cheeks, fill in some grooves or nasolabial folds that have changed with time.

A surgical facelift is a surgery that’s a much bigger operation; it’s going to give you much bigger improvements. In general, a surgical facelift is best for patients who are looking for a greater improvement or who are older and need a more significant improvement. If your skin is really loose, injectables will not get the job done. You need to have an adequate amount of soft tissues and relatively taut skin and muscles to have the ultimate rejuvenated appearance.

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