Brazilian Buttocks Lift

Many women—and men—consult Dr. David Stoker about the procedure known as a Brazilian buttocks lift, or butt lift. Los Angeles area residents find Dr. Stoker to be a top choice because of his expertise in body sculpting surgery.

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He’s authored a number of scholarly articles and textbook chapters on various modalities on body contouring.
His peers have chosen him to teach courses in body contouring topics at national industry conferences.
He’s performed thousands of body contouring procedures throughout his career.
He’s pioneered some of today’s most popular liposuction techniques.
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Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Grafts to Buttocks)
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Brazilian Buttocks Lift Just for You

When planning a Brazilian butt lift, Los Angeles patients can look forward to a double benefit: reducing areas of unwanted fat while gaining a perkier, rounded posterior. Dr. Stoker plans each procedure according to the individual needs of his patients, harvesting fat from target areas of the torso, thighs or knees and transferring it to create smooth, attractive contours optimized for each person.

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Dr. David Stoker

Dr. David Stoker

Educated at some of the most elite institutions in the country, Dr. David Stoker uses his highly advanced knowledge to ensure that each patient achieves beautiful, harmonious results — whether it's through a simple non-surgical procedure or a more advanced surgical transformation. Learn more about his unique credentials and his approach to plastic surgery.

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Dr. Stoker Explains Brazilian Buttocks Lift

My patients welcome the idea that their own tissue can be used to enhance their shape. The amount of fat transferred from love handles or flanks depends on the quantity available and the extent of buttocks enhancement each patient desires.

Brazilian Buttocks Lift


I harvest fat carefully through small incisions in the target areas. Then I select and prepare the fat I will use to augment the buttocks. I know from my stem cell research that the viability of the fat cells I remove exceeds 90%, indicating a gentle and successful technique. A large amount of fat is injected in incremental, small amounts. The fat is placed in multiple layers of existing tissue in the buttocks, giving the transferred fat every chance to connect to a blood supply for healthy nourishment. This helps to ensure a high survival rate for the fat.


Candidates for a Brazilian butt lift in Los Angeles include patients of all ages. Older women often want to add volume to their buttocks to counteract the effects of gravity. Younger patients may want to balance their figures or simply enhance a small derriere. You may not be a good candidate if you’re very slim with little fat to spare.


Recovery from a Brazilian buttocks lift varies for each patient. Generally speaking, the more extensive your liposuction in Los Angeles is, the longer it can take to get back to all your normal activities. You should be able to sit right away for short periods, then sit comfortably for prolonged periods and go back to work within a few days.


Because your own fat is used in a Brazilian butt lift, there is little chance of a problem. Bleeding, scarring and infections are risks that can occur with any procedure, but in my experience they are very rare with a Brazilian buttocks lift. Occasionally a patient’s body will absorb more of the transferred fat that usual, requiring a second transfer. Overall, the advantages of the procedure have greatly outweighed the disadvantages for my patients.

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