Deep Plane Facelift

Advanced facelift techniques that minimize jowls, sagging cheeks, and nasolabial folds emphasize natural-looking results by elevating soft tissue and muscle below the skin and restoring volume with fat repositioning. One of the techniques used by board-certified plastic surgeon David Stoker is called the deep plane facelift. In Los Angeles, Dr. Stoker customizes this procedure to create a more youthful and rested appearance for patients from Santa Monica and those seeking his facelift expertise from Santa Barbara, Montecito, CA, and beyond.

Facelift/Neck Lift (Deep Plane/Traceless)
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Case: 1 of 6
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Case #809

As we get older, collagen production decreases, the skin begins to lose elasticity, and sun damage becomes more noticeable. This is what we call aging, and to combat that, we can do a combination treatment. This patient wanted a full facial rejuvenation treatment to restore her youthful appearance so that is exactly what we did, giving her th... Read More
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Case #796

Dr. David Stoker, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. I'd like to share with you a stunning Traceless Facelift result. What is a Traceless Facelift? That's one of my signature procedures that is a facelift frequently overlapping with the face and neck lift that involves pan rejuvenation in such a natural appearance with such dis... Read More
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Case #836

This beautiful 52-year-old woman came to us hoping to have a pan facial rejuvenation treatment to make her look how she felt young and beautiful. She flew in from out of town and was a previous patient of mine for other procedures. And she, most of all, wanted a natural appearance.

We did a face and neck lift with platysmaplasty, a chi... Read More
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Case #493

This 51-year-old man was bothered by premature aging on his face. He felt that he appeared angry or grumpy even when he was happy inside. Dr. Stoker performed a facelift, upper eyelid lift and carbon dioxide laser resurfacing of his lower eyelids. He is shown before and three months following his surgery. He now feels it is easier for him to... Read More

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

What Is a Deep Plane Facelift? 

A deep plane facelift is an innovative approach to repositioning and tightening the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. The primary difference between a deep plane facelift and the SMAS facelift, which is the most common technique, is that the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) layer remains attached to the skin during a deep plane facelift. The surgeon releases the ligaments that anchor the muscle and connective tissue and lifts and repositions the skin and SMAS together. 

When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon with extensive training in this approach, a deep plane facelift can create dramatic results that last for a decade or more. Still, a SMAS facelift is a very effective approach for many patients. 

Dr. Stoker customizes facelift surgery based on your specific needs after a thorough exam and consultation. He also employs his signature Traceless Facelift using the deep plane technique to produce natural-looking results with discreet incisions and minimal downtime.  

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Deep Plane Facelift? 

Women and men with significant jowls, deep nasolabial folds, and loose neck skin can benefit from a deep plane facelift. It’s important that the patient is in good overall health. Recovery can take a bit longer than what’s typically expected after a less aggressive facelift.  

A deep plane facelift corrects the following signs of aging: 

  • Fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Facial volume loss 
  • Jowls 
  • Double chin 
  • Neck wrinkles and “crepe-like” skin 

In addition to improving the appearance of the mid-face and lower face, a deep plane facelift sculpts a more contoured jawline and minimizes neck bands. The deep plane approach to a neck lift can produce more definitive and longer-lasting results than a traditional neck lift.  

How Much Does a Deep Plane Facelift Cost in Los Angeles? 

The cost of a deep plane facelift is typically more than what you would pay for a less aggressive facelift technique. Because Dr. Stoker customizes each facelift procedure, the cost is determined after your consultation. The surgery may include other procedures, such as laser skin resurfacing, fat transfer, or eyelid surgery, for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

How Long Is the Recovery After a Deep Plane Facelift?  

Your recovery after a deep plane facelift likely will take a little longer than other types of facelifts. You should plan to take 2 weeks off from work, although some patients may be able to return a few days earlier than that. Expect some bruising and swelling during the first week after surgery, which gradually fade. You should also avoid strenuous activity for about 6 weeks.  

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Deep Plane Facelift FAQ
What is the difference between a mini facelift and a deep plane facelift?

A mini facelift is less invasive than a deep plane facelift and is best for patients with less advanced facial aging. It tightens loose skin in the mid-face/cheek area, not the lower face, jowls, and neck as a deep plane facelift does.

Which is better, a SMAS or a deep plane facelift?

A deep plane facelift provides significant rejuvenation to correct advanced signs of aging. For many patients, a top facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Stoker can achieve the desired improvements with a less-invasive SMAS facelift. The best choice for you will depend on your individual needs and cosmetic goals. Dr. Stoker will talk with you about your options during your personal consultation.

How much younger does a deep plane facelift make you look?

Deep plane facelifts can make patients look 10 to 20 years younger, depending on their degree of facial aging and how old they are when they have the surgery.

How long does a deep plane facelift last?

The results of a deep plane facelift can last a decade or more. The aging process continues, of course, but you can extend the duration of the results by using medical-grade skincare products daily and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun.

How painful is facelift surgery?

Whatever facelift technique Dr. Stoker uses, you’ll be under a general anesthetic to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the surgery. After the anesthesia wears off, you can manage post-operative discomfort with prescription pain medication. Facelift patients are often pleasantly surprised that they experience minimal pain during recovery.

Are there any cons to the deep plane facelift technique?

A deep plane facelift has a couple of drawbacks. Most importantly, the risk of damaging a facial nerve is greater than with a Traceless Facelift or short scar facelift. Additionally, a deep plane facelift is more expensive and involves a longer recovery than other facelift techniques.

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