Rhinoplasty, also called nose surgery, is one of the most common cosmetic surgery operations – and for good reason. The nose is the most prominent feature of the face and has a profound impact on overall appearance. People tend to have strong opinions about their nose, and in many cases they have considered the possibility of reshaping it for years. Sometimes an event leads the patient to consider rhinoplasty in Los Angeles, such as an accidental nasal fracture. Other patients are bothered by functional aspects of the nose and wish they could breathe easier. Patients are sometimes concerned that their nose has grown slowly over the course of decades and that it no longer has a youthful appearance. Each of these issues may be addressed with careful examination, analysis and skill.

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Breathing and Insurance

Many patients have significant breathing impairment that may be considered a medical problem, and thus covered by insurance. Insurance may also cover fracture deformities of the nose caused by accidents. Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is not covered by insurance. If there is a cosmetic component to a medically necessary procedure, the patient pays separately for the cosmetic portion of the operation. Insurance companies are careful to separate the cosmetic from the medically necessary portions of surgery.

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Candidates for Nose Surgery

Patients of all ages consider nasal surgery. It’s best to wait until the patient’s nose is fully developed before doing rhinoplasty. That’s usually by age 16 for women and a year or two later for men. The age group most likely to seek rhinoplasty is the late teens to early twenties. In my experience, improved appearance of the nose in this age group often leads to significant improvements in self-confidence. These patients are especially happy when they breathe better as well.

The other common group of rhinoplasty patients I see is slightly older. Often the appearance of their nose has long been a concern for them, but they’re seeking more subtle change at this stage in their lives. Other times they may notice that their nose is larger and droopier than it used to be, and it’s starting to remind them more of their parents’ appearance rather than the way it looked in their high school yearbook. Helping these patients obtain natural-looking rhinoplasty results is particularly rewarding for me.



Patients recover quickly following their procedure in Los Angeles. Nose surgery splints come off 4 to 6 days following surgery, at which point many patients will return to work. Although patients look good even at this early stage, the results continue to improve over the course of a year.

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Complications from nose reshaping are uncommon in my experience. The risks of rhinoplasty may include bleeding, infection, difficulty breathing and asymmetry. Each of these complications may be treated effectively.

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Dr. Stoker is a top RealSelf.com contributor on Rhinoplasty Q&A.

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