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Mature woman with beautiful skin touching her cheeks (model) with text that reads "7 Common Facelift Myths, Debunked"

7 Common Facelift Myths, Debunked

Facelift surgery has evolved dramatically over the years, offering a transformative solution for those seeking to regain a youthful appearance. However, myths and misconceptions about facelifts persist, often clouding the true benefits of this procedure. From who can benefit to concerns about scars and results, we're here to dispel some of the most common facelift …

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Woman with curvy figure (model) and text that reads "A Post-Weight Loss Surgery Expert Answers Your Top Body Lift Questions"

A Post-Weight Loss Surgery Expert Answers Your Top Body Lift Questions  

Embarking on a weight loss journey is an incredible achievement, but it often leaves individuals with a new set of challenges—excess skin and tissue that may not conform to their new body shape. Enter the body lift, a transformative surgical procedure designed to address these concerns and provide a more contoured appearance.  I bring my …

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Woman with an hourglass figure (model) and text that reads 'How Does an Hourglass Tummy Tuck Work?'

How Does an Hourglass Tummy Tuck Work?   

When it comes to a sleek, sculpted midsection, tummy tuck surgery has long been a go-to solution. Also known as abdominoplasty, this transformative procedure helps men and women alike reclaim their confidence and restore harmony in their body proportions. At Stoker Plastic Surgery, we offer our own signature enhancements to traditional abdominoplasty surgery. How does …

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How to Choose the Perfect Plastic Surgeon: A Comprehensive Guide

In the bustling heart of Los Angeles, Dr. David Stoker, a board-certified plastic surgeon dedicated to helping you achieve your beauty goals. Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is a significant step towards enhancing your confidence and well-being. However, selecting the right plastic surgeon is equally vital to ensure a successful and satisfying journey. In this …

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Traditional vs. Mini Facelift: Which Is Right for You?

Embarking on a facelift journey? The choice between traditional and mini facelifts can be perplexing, but grasping the nuances is pivotal. In this extensive guide, we delve deep into the divergences, empowering you to make an enlightened decision towards a rejuvenated version of yourself. Come along as we collaborate with Dr. David Stoker, a distinguished …

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Man's torso (model) with text that reads 'Gynecomastia in Older Men: Understanding Age-Related Factors and Treatment Solutions'

Gynecomastia in Older Men: Understanding Age-Related Factors and Treatment Solutions  

Gynecomastia, characterized by enlarged male breast tissue, can affect men of all ages. While most common in young men going through puberty, it can also develop later in life, typically among men in their 50s to 70s. This guide covers the intricacies of gynecomastia in older men, explores treatment options, and highlights our practice’s expertise …

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