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A woman is standing, looking to the side, while smiling wearing a matching brown set of leggings and a sports bra. (model)

Is Panniculectomy a ‘Plus-Size’ Tummy Tuck?

Losing significant weight is a remarkable accomplishment, whether you’ve made lifestyle changes, undergone bariatric surgery, or achieved success with GLP-1 medications such as Ozempic®. Putting the final touches on your physical transformation may include body contouring surgery to remove excess skin, such as a tummy tuck. In this blog post, I discuss the 'plus size' …

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Nearly Invisible Facelift Scars? It's True (with model image of a smiling mature woman)

Nearly Invisible Facelift Scars? It’s True

“Are people going to notice my scars?” That’s one of the first questions nearly all women and men considering facelift surgery ask during their consultations. Concerns about visible scars after a facelift are understandable, but fortunately also overstated. A skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon minimizes the scars’ visibility by meticulously placing incisions within the natural creases …

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Woman's figure (model) and text that reads 'Celebrity Post-Pregnancy Bodies: The Role of Mommy Makeover Surgery in Los Angeles'

Celebrity Post-Pregnancy Bodies: The Role of Mommy Makeover Surgery in Los Angeles

Flip through any glossy magazine or scroll through social media, and you're met with images of celebrities who, seemingly overnight, have reclaimed their svelte, pre-pregnancy bodies. For many, the question lingers: How do they do it? While it's easy to attribute these quick transformations to personal trainers or a stroke of genetic luck, there's often …

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Mature woman with beautiful skin (model) and text that reads 'Facelift Revision Surgery: What You Need To Know'

Facelift Revision Surgery: What You Need To Know

While most patients achieve a satisfying outcome from their initial facelift procedures, some may experience less-than-satisfactory results if an inexperienced or unqualified surgeon performs the procedure. If you're disappointed in your facelift results, you're not alone in this experience. I've encountered many patients who've faced the same predicament, and I've helped them achieve their desired …

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Woman wearing a white bra (model) with text that reads 'Achieving the Look You Want'

Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation: Achieving the Look You Want

Achieving a natural yet enhanced breast appearance has become the hallmark of modern breast augmentation. As women today seek a harmonious, balanced appearance, overly augmented looks have fallen out of favor. In this blog post, I'll explore methods that achieve the sought-after look, focusing on natural breast augmentation with fat transfer and traditional implant options. …

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Woman wearing a bra and underwear (model) with text that reads "How Painful Is Breast Augmentation Recovery? Your Top Recovery Questions, Answered."

How Painful Is Breast Augmentation Recovery? Your Top Recovery Questions, Answered.  

While the idea of undergoing surgery can be intimidating, understanding the recovery journey helps ease your concerns so you can move forward with confidence. Below, we address healing after breast augmentation, including questions such as “How painful is breast augmentation recovery?” and topics related to driving, bathing, and traveling after surgery. Read on to learn …

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Woman wearing a sports bra and white flowy shirt (model) and text that reads "The Unexpected Benefits of a Mommy Makeover"

The Unexpected Benefits of a Mommy Makeover (Infographic)

A is a comprehensive cosmetic procedure that addresses the physical changes that pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can bring. While its primary goal is to rejuvenate multiple areas of the patient’s body, the transformation often extends beyond the surface. In this blog post, we’ll explore the unexpected benefits of a Mommy Makeover, ranging from increased body …

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