5 Star Rating from a Revision Rhinoplasty Patient

Dr. David Stoker

Dr. Stoker is a brilliant surgeon.   He fixed a botched rhinoplasty for me almost a year ago.   Dr. Stoker performed over 15 different procedures to open up my nasal passages which had threaded back together during the previous surgery 7 yrs. earlier.  I was able to fully breath through my nose for the first time in 7 years.  On top of that he made my nose look like a models by taking some cartiledge from behind my ear which he used to widen the top of my nose between my eyes and to make sure my nasal passages remained open.   Then he refined the tip of my nose (he removed a portion which looked like a hook or beak and refined what was left)  Every time I meet with him I want to cry tears of joy because he took a bulbous hooked nose and made it look BEAUtiful.   It changed my whole face and made me look completely normal.   I now have the nose I’ve always wanted thanks to Dr. Stoker.  He was brave to do so many procedures and all with such finese.   I know he spent many hours contemplating and preparing for my surgery and I appreciate his skills and his heart.   This was not an easy surgery and I am moved by his diligence and caring approach to solving my very difficult problem.   He is an expertly skilled and kind surgeon.

Rebecca J. on Yelp

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