If you have Silicone Lip Injections, watch this video!

Dr. David Stoker board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. This video is for you if you have silicone injections in your lips. We see a lot of it in my practice now, unfortunately; believe it or not, it can look very good for many of those patients. I hear again and again that it looked great for a few years, and then all of a sudden, the problems started to happen, and it is really difficult to undo it. The problem is it becomes very swollen and inflated, chronically inflamed lips. Unfortunately, not many doctors like to treat it. I have actually grown to enjoy treating it in my practice because of the demand. I started to do so many of these cases I became more familiar with the techniques and got better, more desirable results.

This beautiful 28-year-old patient came to us because she had silicone injections in her lips, hoping to maintain a long-term plump and shapely appearance, but the problem is it caused puckering and distortion, and you can’t just remove that silicone.⁣ ⁣ Before we could remove the silicone, we had to dissolve the filler injected by a previous practice that tried to smooth out the lumps and bumps in her lip. We hid the incisions at what we call the wet/dry vermilion border. So that’s where the dry pink lip meets the moist pink lip here. We excise a large ellipse of mucosa on each side, both on the upper and lower parts. And the reason I did that as two different ellipses is so when she smiles, give me a big smile, beautiful smile, it doesn’t pull our farmer cord across the front, which is fantastic.⁣

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