Liposuction Alternatives

Dr. David Stoker

Having performed literally thousands of body contouring procedures for Los Angeles liposuction patients, it makes sense that Dr. David Stoker has also become a leader in liposuction alternatives.  Whether you’re looking for a choice other than surgery or simply seeking some fine-tuning, you can count on Dr. Stoker to recommend the right strategy for achieving your goals.

The Dr. Stoker Difference

  • He is a course instructor on fat removal techniques at national meetings for plastic surgeons
  • He has written two chapters for major plastic surgery textbooks on body sculpting techniques
  • He is a collaborator with UCLA scientists on stem cell research involving fat cells
  • He is routinely interviewed by the media as an expert on liposuction and body sculpting

Liposuction Alternatives Just for You

Dr. Stoker will be happy to meet with you in person to discuss your body contouring objectives.  Just request a consultation online or call 310-300-1779 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Stoker Explains Liposuction Alternatives

Almost every month it seems someone is marketing another alternative to liposuction.  Los Angeles area patients can be understandably frustrated by the noise about the latest techniques, and confused about which ones really work.  Just as I enjoy performing liposuction to achieve beautifully sculpted body contours for my patients, I also enjoy assisting them in choosing a liposuction alternative that will deliver the results they’re seeking.


The leading liposuction alternatives I use in my practice are those that have proven to be most effective in banishing localized fat deposits.  They include:

  • CoolScuplting®: CoolScuplting by Zeltiq is a method of selectively targeting fat cells, then freezing them in a painless, non-invasive procedure.  Surrounding tissues are left undisturbed.
  • Exilis: This treatment can be a good choice for lax skin in the chin and neck areas.  Radiofrequency energy targets small fat pockets and tightens surrounding skin.  Exilis is also used for small areas that could benefit from contouring and cellulite treatment.
  • Zerona: This non-invasive liposuction alternative uses low-level lasers to turn fat cells into liquid.  Through natural processes, the body gradually disposes of the liquefied fat.


The best candidates for one of my liposuction alternatives are men and women with small, localized fat deposits and mild skin laxity, patients who are looking to fine-tune the results of surgery or those who want to avoid anesthesia and recovery time.


For each of these alternatives to liposuction, Los Angeles patients generally experience no downtime at all.  In fact, you can schedule a procedure and plan to return to your day immediately after treatment.



The most important things to think through when planning any body contouring procedure are the potential risks and rewards.  Patients considering liposuction have many reasons to take a look at liposuction alternatives: they pose very few risks, require no incisions and result in no downtime.  The main tradeoff is that they cannot offer the dramatic results liposuction can achieve for many patients.


What should your body contouring strategy be?  Request a consultation online or call 310-300-1779 and let’s talk.

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