Vein Treatments

If you have prominent red, blue, or purple veins on your legs or face, Stoker Aesthetics offers advanced laser vein therapy and sclerotherapy at their Los Angeles-area medical spa. Facial spider veins and varicose veins (often visible on the legs or feet) can undermine your confidence and, occasionally, result in medical issues. Nonsurgical vein treatments performed by experienced aesthetic nurses can significantly reduce their appearance.

What causes visible veins?

Sun exposure, aging, hormones, and even genetics can result in visible capillaries and veins at the surface of the skin. The most common types of veins treated for cosmetic reasons are varicose veins and spider veins.

  • Varicose veins are larger, bulging, and blue or dark purple, and they usually appear on the legs or feet.
  • Spider veins are red or purple and typically appear in clusters on the legs and face

They develop when these valves pushing blood toward the heart weaken, allowing some blood to flow backward and accumulate in the vein. This extra blood puts pressure on the walls of the vein, causing them to swell or break. Varicose veins often develop in people who sit or stand for long periods most days of the week. These veins also become more common with age and during pregnancy.

What is laser vein therapy?

Advanced laser technology works by targeting spider veins and broken capillaries with strong light beams that dissolve them. Hemoglobin (pigment) in blood absorbs the laser energy and heats up, causing the vein to collapse. The non-functional vein shrinks until it’s naturally eliminated from the body. When defective veins are eliminated, blood is re-routed through healthy veins, so there is no negative impact on blood circulation.

Topical anesthetics applied before laser vein treatments help patients remain comfortable during the procedures, which don’t damage the skin’s surface. The procedure is gentle enough that you will not require downtime. In most cases, however, you will need multiple treatments to produce the results you want

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment for leg veins. The procedure involves injecting a chemical into veins and capillaries that irritates the wall of the veins and causes them to collapse on themselves. These veins gradually shrink and are absorbed by the body. The injections are safe but can be uncomfortable.

After completing the injections, you can return to work or your other normal daily activities the following day. At your treatment, we provide compression stockings that you should wear for 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure. It’s also important to take daily walks for best results.

How much do vein treatments cost?

The cost of vein treatments depends on the type of procedure and the extent of the treatment. The cost of laser vein therapy varies based on the number of treatments needed, for example, and sclerotherapy prices depend on the specific number of veins treated. We prepare a specific price quote for you after your initial consultation.

To learn more about the vein treatments offered at Stoker Aesthetics in Marina del Rey and if you can benefit, request a consultation using the online form or call our office at (310) 300-1779 to schedule an appointment.