All About Breast Asymmetry

Dr. David Stoker

Having one breast that is bigger than the other is a common reason why many women visit me to discuss breast augmentation in Los Angeles. Breast asymmetry may vary in form, position, or volume, and can occur for many reasons, such as hormonal changes or as a result of surgical complications or injury. Typically, however, I classify breast size irregularities into 1 of 2 categories: congenital breast asymmetry and post-surgical asymmetry.

  • Congenital Breast Asymmetry: Women with congenital breast asymmetry generally have pre-existing differences in their breasts, including uneven breast size, irregular areola size or position, dissimilar breast crease position, or deformities in the chest wall.
  • Post-Surgical Asymmetry: Sometimes changes in breast symmetry can occur after breast surgery as a result of capsular contracture, sagging breast tissue, changes in implant placement, or stretching of the areolas.

While breast asymmetry does not usually pose health risks, it can cause insecurity and feelings of self-consciousness.  Additionally, this condition can make it difficult to find undergarments or swimsuits that fit properly. Both types of breast asymmetry can be corrected by a board-certified plastic surgeon that has experience in breast surgery. For my patients, I create a detailed treatment plan that may include breast implants, breast reduction, or a combination of techniques to achieve optimal balance and proportion.

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