5 star review: Best Healing Time and Little Scarring

Dr. David Stoker

I went to Dr. Stoker concerned about healing time and scars because my dermatologist had indicated that I do not scar well and tend to develop keloids. She had noticed this with some moles she had removed. Dr. Stoker’s expertise with mommy makeovers had me back to work in a week and I never had any dark or purple bruising. My scars look great and already fading after only 8 wks. I never had more than 12 cc of drainage and I truly think that it was due to his delicate touch with the lipo and the minimal tissue trauma that it caused. My husband says I look 18 again and we couldn’t be happier. Also looked great in my bikini last week on the beach. Not bad for a 36 yr old mommy of 2 🙂
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