How an Extreme Body Lift Changed Her Life

Dr. David Stoker, board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. Today, I have a beautiful six-week post-op result on an extreme makeover after massive weight loss. I have a beautiful 39-year-old great-looking woman who fortunately lost 180+ pounds, which made an enormous difference for her. Unfortunately, the significant weight loss caused her breasts to be pointing down. She had so much skin and folds, and I know it was very distressing to her. I decided to do an extreme makeover that included a bilateral breast lift. Just six weeks out, the incisions fade away, giving her a gorgeous shape. When she leans over, as you can see in the pictures, her breasts no longer hang, her abdomen is tight, and all of that skin that used to hang down is no longer doing so. The belly button looks nice and natural and If you look at the incisions, you can see they’re very light.

Body lifts following massive weight loss are an area of specialization for me. I perform hundreds of major operations on weight loss patients to tighten loose skin and improve body contour. I’ve published extensively in journal articles and textbook chapters on combined surgical procedures, body contouring, and body lifts. In courses that I teach for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery, I include instruction on techniques and safety for these procedures.

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