How Should You Prepare for a Mommy Makeover?

I’m Dr. David Stoker board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. Many of my mommy patients will ask us the basic question, “How should I Prepare for my Mommy Makeover? I want them to do their part while I do my part. What we would ask is that they have a healthy lifestyle. It’s great to be as close to your ideal weight as possible. We want you to be healthy. We want you to have plenty of protein and vitamins so you’ll be able to heal well. We want to make sure you’re not anemic; if you have that tendency, make sure you’re taking iron beforehand.

Depending on your age, you may need medical clearance before your surgery which could include an EKG and a mammogram. A healthy lifestyle where you’re exercising, getting as close to your ideal weight as you can, and taking care of your medical maintenance; those are the key things that I would ask you to do before your mommy makeover. If you’d like more information on this topic, feel free to call our office or check out our website We’ve got extensive information at your fingertips.

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