The Sexier Side of Breast Implant Profiles

Dr. David Stoker

Planning a breast augmentation procedure consists of making very important decisions. Whether you are adding breast volume, improving shape, or increasing size, you are bound to become more familiar with the procedure in your quest for beautiful breasts. One of the most important variables women need to become familiar with is breast implant profiles. Each woman has a different look and body type. So, to help you decide which profile suits your frame Dr. Stoker provides a closer look at the different profiles offered for breast augmentation in Los Angeles.

Do you want a dramatic change?

High profile breast implants have a smaller base, but more projection than moderate profile implants. They are taller and more narrow, which allows them to project more from the body. This style is a popular choice for women who desire a dramatic change with implants. One key benefit that most women report is the side wall of the implant adds more height and reduces the risk of visible rippling on breast tissue.

Do you want a subtle change or have a wider chest?

Low profile implants are primarily for women with a bigger breast base which results in a more subtle projection than other profile types. The lower projection makes the low profile implants more desirable among older candidates with wider chest frames.

Do you want a full, round, natural shape or have a narrow chest?

Moderate profile implants have a slightly wider base than high profile implants, and they don’t project as much from the body. This style provides women with a full and rounded shape that they desire, while increasing the size and volume of the breasts. Most women with a narrow chest report high satisfaction rates after their procedure.

Moderate plus is a style that combines high and moderate profile breast implants. Women who choose moderate and moderate plus benefit from having natural-looking results and breast appearance for those who have lost breast volume due to natural aging.

How do you choose the right breast implant profile?

Most women considering breast augmentation have a realistic idea about what they want their physique to look like in the end, including size and shape of their breasts. The breast implant profile plays a key role in determining the final look. Each style lies differently against the chest wall and creates different results that should complement a woman’s body. Women with a narrow breast base may be more inclined to high profile implants, while women with a wider breast base may look better with low profile implants. If a woman falls in between, she may opt for a moderate or moderate plus profile to satisfy her projection and volume needs.

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During your consultation, Dr. Stoker can help you determine which breast implant profile matches your body type. For the sexy curves you desire, please contact us online or call (310) 620-6518 to request a consultation.

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