Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips with Dr. David Stoker

Dr. David Stoker, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. A question my practice frequently receives is, “could you give me some tummy tuck recovery tips?” You bet I can. The first is to prepare in advance. Ideally, be as close to your ideal weight as you’re able to before surgery. Exercise regularly so you’re nice and fit going into the operation. When you’re down for a few weeks without exercise, it’ll be easier to snap back. Avoid excessive sun exposure before surgery because that unnecessarily traumatizes your skin.

Once it comes to the operation, make sure you follow our extensive instructions in detail; that means setting things up at home so that you’ve run your errands in advance. You’re not going to be responsible for chores around the house. You have plenty of support for taking care of the kids or whatever your work responsibilities are. Make sure that your health is in order. You don’t want to be smoking. You don’t want to be drinking excessively. If there’s any risk of cardiac disease or other factors, make sure we get them worked up in advance, so we don’t have any surprises. If there’s any question at all or if you’re age 50 or older, we encourage you to see your primary care physician for medical clearance as well. I hope that answers your question about tips for recovering from a tummy tuck. If you’d like more information, check out our website drstoker.com.

What procedures are commonly combined with a tummy tuck? 

Many abdominoplasty patients combine liposuction on their flanks or thighs to enhance their results. Liposuction, as mentioned, is a crucial component of the Hourglass Tuck. Additionally, some women choose to get breast enhancement surgery at the same time as a tummy tuck, a combination of procedures usually called a Mommy Makeover.  

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