What is the Downtime: Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Dr. David Stoker board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. We frequently receive a question from our breast patients: What is the downtime for breast augmentation and the rapid recovery technique? Well, the answer is it varies between patients, but the vast majority of our patients are usually able to go back to work within a day or so following the surgery. Many will choose not to, but for those who don’t have physical labor types of jobs, usually within a day or two. They’re fine to go back to work. Some of our patients even choose to go out to dinner after surgery rather than going straight home. I wouldn’t go run a marathon days after surgery or do unnecessary exercise in the first couple of weeks. It’s usually possible for patients to get back to work very soon after the operation. I hope that answers your question about how long recovery is following breast augmentation using the rapid recovery technique.

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