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Ear Surgery

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, may not be the most popular cosmetic procedure, but for adults who seek it for themselves or their children, it can be life changing. For people considering ear surgery in Los Angeles, my years of experience and skills as a surgeon can help them feel confident in their decision and their appearance.

The Dr. Stoker Difference

For Your Ear Surgery:

  1. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in facial surgery.
  2. He has received national recognition for his research on the anatomy of the facial nerve.
  3. He has performed thousands of facial surgeries and is skilled at achieving a natural appearance.
  4. He has been a guest on "The Dr. Phil Show" and The Learning Channel for his expertise in facial procedures.

Ear Surgery Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
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    Case #82

    Overly prominent ears can be a source of insecurity for many young people in school and social settings. This young girl met with the surgeons at Dr. Stoker's Practice to find out how a Beverly... View Case 

Otoplasty Just for You

Otoplasty can help both adults and children have more self-confidence. With a major concern about appearance alleviated, Los Angeles ear surgery patients can go about their lives with less anxiety when interacting with others. Adults who choose ear surgery often remark that they wish they had gone ahead with it years ago.

To learn more about otoplasty request a consultation online or contact our office at (310) 300-1779 for an appointment.

Dr. Stoker Explains Otoplasty

Most people are born with ears that hug their head rather closely. If your ears protrude, it's because the major fold of cartilage inside the rim of your ear is underdeveloped, because you have excess cartilage, or both. Fortunately, plastic surgery to reposition your ears is predictable and effective at correcting the problem.

Otoplasty is the medical term for what's commonly known as "ear pinning" surgery. About 25,000 people in the U.S. choose otoplasty annually, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


I evaluate each patient carefully to determine the best approach for his or her ears. For most, I remove a small crescent of skin and cartilage behind the ear and place tiny sutures in the cartilage to improve the folds. Scars are small and very well hidden after healing.


If protruding ears bother you, you're likely a good candidate for otoplasty. Ear surgery patients are typically tired of feeling self-conscious about their ears and adjusting their hairstyles to conceal their problem.

For children, otoplasty may be performed in elementary school if the child, the parents and the pediatrician are in agreement. Children should be old enough to follow instructions, and cooperative when it comes to considering surgery. Some insurance plans will cover ear surgery for children.


My Los Angeles ear surgery patients can expect to recover quickly and without much discomfort. A protective strap or cap is worn at night to protect the ears while they are healing.

Most people resume light activities the day after surgery, avoiding strenuous exercise for two or three weeks. Children may be out of school for a few days to a week.


Ear surgery is generally very safe. Risks do include bleeding, infection and asymmetry, but these complications are uncommon. If you follow post-op instructions and handle your ears carefully, there's every reason to expect to be pleased with the outcome of surgery.

Learn more about otoplasty by meeting with me in my office. Request a consultation online or call us at (310) 300-1779.

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