Be Fully Aware of Your Breast Reconstruction Options

Dr. David Stoker

Recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a survey showing that 89% of women would want to see what the results of breast reconstruction surgery would look like before opting to undergo the necessary treatments for breast cancer. As a skilled breast surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Stoker will be able to give you an explanation of each option that you have for breast reconstruction and help you make an educated decision as to what the best surgical plan is for your aesthetic goals. Along with an explanation of your options, Dr. Stoker will provide you with an idea of what results you can expect dependant on your individual case. In another survey that was conducted by Harris Interactive, 7 out of 10 women that were diagnosed with breast cancer were not told the options that they have for breast reconstruction. With Dr. Stoker as part of your team of caregivers, you can ensure that you will be fully aware of what to expect.

After undergoing a mastectomy for breast cancer treatment and deciding to do breast reconstruction, the patient has two timing options. They can either have the reconstruction performed during the same operation as the mastectomy, or they can put it off for a later time. Having the procedure done in tandem with the mastectomy is beneficial because there is only one operation required. Additionally, when the reconstructive surgeon and oncologic surgeon work together, there is a minimized sense of loss after the removal of the breast. Some patients choose to undergo reconstruction at a later date to simplify recovery. Either choice is a good one, but it is important that the patient is at least aware that they have the option for immediate or delayed reconstruction.

Patients also have the choice on whether they want to have reconstruction performed through the use of implants or through autologous flaps. Each option has its advantages. With the use of implants, there is a shorter operation and no need to sacrifice another part of the body as a donor site. On the other hand, patients can choose to have their reconstruction performed with the use of autologous flaps. Autologous flaps are comprised of tissue taken from different parts of the body such as the abdomen, back or buttocks. These tissues are then transferred to the breast. Advantages of autologous flaps are that they are the most natural feeling being comprised of the patients own fat and muscle and there is less likelihood that a future breast surgery will be needed for possible implant related complications.

With several options to think about, the most important thing by far is that patients are at least aware of those options. With the help of Dr. Stoker you can be sure that you are fully informed of all your options and he will ensure that you are in complete understanding of those options. If you want to get more information about breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, then call 310-300-1779, or request a consultation online.

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