Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, or Both?

Dr. David Stoker
Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, or Both

It’s a question we get often from our Los Angeles patients: Given my goals, should I get a breast augmentation or a breast lift? Every patient differs, of course, but here are some of my main recommendations when guiding patients to a decision.

Consider What Each Procedure Can Do

With a breast augmentation, your primary goal for the outcome should be to increase volume. You may have always felt that your breasts were disproportionately small for your figure, for example. Alternatively, many women decide to look into breast augmentation after losing volume after breastfeeding or weight loss. Others want to address asymmetry in their breasts.
The primary function of a breast lift, on the other hand, is to reposition the breasts at a higher place on the chest. Women who make good breast lift candidates typically say that their breasts have begun to sag or droop, with nipples that point downward.

Combining Procedures Combines Benefits, Too

In my experience, many women seeking a breast augmentation have concerns and goals that overlap with ideal breast lift scenarios, and vice versa. Nursing children, for example, can lead to both a loss of breast volume and drooping of the breast tissue. Cases like these call for an approach that combines a breast augmentation and lift.

In a dual procedure, I am also able to do more to support the breast implants, which helps them sit in a perkier position. This is because I use a laser breast surgery technique, in which skin is treated with a laser and sutured to the chest wall to reinforce the implant.

For many women, combining the procedures is the best way to achieve their desired outcome. While the procedure is more complex than a breast augmentation or breast lift on its own, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons® has affirmed that the dual procedure is perfectly safe. In fact, the group’s study found no increase in complications from combining the treatments in surgery.

It All Comes Down to Your Goals

While I hope that this comparison of the procedures helps you find the right treatment for yourself, the best way to determine the path that’s right for you is to speak with a plastic surgeon in person. If you would like to explore your options with me, please contact us today.

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