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Breast Surgery after Weight Loss

Although many people may not think of breast surgery as a post-weight-loss procedure, breast enhancement is often needed to restore volume and shape. I offer many Laser Breast surgery procedures, which are particularly helpful for women who want to address two common concerns after weight loss: decreased breast volume and breast sagging.


How can laser breast surgery help?


Laser breast surgery is beneficial because it both lifts the breasts and restores a fuller, more youthful shape. This procedure involves using excess breast skin (which is normally removed during a traditional breast lift) to create an “internal bra” that both supports the breasts and enhances cleavage.


Where does the laser fit in?


A carbon dioxide laser is used to treat the outer layers of excess skin at the bottom of the breast so they can be used as a “bra.” The treated skin is then attached to the chest wall to help support the breast.


What are the benefits?


In addition to natural-looking results that feel and appear authentic, there are several advantages to this cutting-edge procedure, including:


    • Enhanced upper breast volume without the need for breast implants
    • Better breast shape and symmetry
    • Perkier breast position
    • Longer-lasting results with reduced risk of the breasts “bottoming out”

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