Let’s Lose the Mommy Makeover Stigma

Dr. David Stoker

Mom resting her baby on her smooth stomach following her mommy makeover.

Pregnancy changes a woman’s body in an array of surprising and often unpredictable ways. After your baby is born and the glow has worn off a bit, you might be left feeling bothered by many of these changes.

Even after you go back to your old eating and exercise routine, it can be very hard to restore your body to its original shape. Plastic surgery is the preferred option for many moms who need help lifting and firming up certain areas after pregnancy, but unfortunately, there’s a stigma attached to it. If you’re thinking of any type of plastic surgery, especially mommy makeover, in Los Angeles, you’ve no doubt considered how it will be received by people closest to you. But, like most stigmas, this one could use a second look.

It seems like every other week there’s a story in the media of a celebrity “getting her body back” after pregnancy. Typically, it’s publicized as being an intense combination of rigorous workouts and extreme diets—but is that really the case? Probably not. The primary complaint I hear from new moms is the presence of excess, stretched skin, typically around the abdomen and often on the breasts. Even though your baby bump and enlarged breasts eventually go away, the excess skin may not. And unlike fat, that skin can’t be reduced with diet and exercise.

Of course, there are other concerns, too—some aesthetic and some not. Consider diastasis recti, a relatively common condition that occurs when the abdominal muscles actually separate to accommodate the growing baby. Surgery is the only way to correct this condition and it’s incredibly effective. Some women complain of episodic incontinence after pregnancy. This happens due to a weakening of the pelvic floor and usually manifests as a “leak” when coughing, laughing, or sneezing. Finally, purely aesthetic concerns like stretch marks and enlarged or downturned nipples can be distressing for women who are particular about health and fitness. These symptoms don’t go away without some sort of surgical intervention.

If you do choose to undergo a mommy makeover, you’re under no obligation to tell anyone. If you do disclose, remember that surgery is hardly an “easy way out.” For one, a mommy makeover isn’t easy—it’s a complex and invasive procedure. For many patients, surgery is the only viable way to achieve their goals.

Plastic surgery is popular for a reason—it provides real solutions that have a positive impact on people’s lives. I’m so lucky to see these life-altering impacts every day in my office. If someone gives you grief for having a mommy makeover—or any aesthetic procedure—my advice is to own it and simply thank them for noticing your results.

Still on the fence? Check out my gallery of before-and-after photos to see the natural results that a mommy makeover can provide.

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