Losers and Winners – Massive Weight Loss

Dr. David Stoker

One group of patients I particularly enjoy working with is the community of men and women who have lost large amounts of weight.  Whether these patients have conquered obesity on their own or undergone weight loss surgery, Los Angeles area residents who have fought to achieve their ideal weight are inspirational patients.

It’s particularly rewarding for me as a plastic surgeon to meet a weight loss patient in my consulting room.  They’ve done the hard work already, while I get the opportunity to put the finishing touches on their new physique.

This was the case when I met Neil Tejwani, a contestant on season four of NBC’s The Biggest Loser.  Neil had lost about 200 pounds on the show, and though his health was dramatically improved, he had many pounds of redundant skin that no amount of diet or exercise could address.  After I performed body lift surgery, Neil’s fiancée, family and friends agreed that he made quite a dashing groom.  So did the readers of People Magazine.

Another advantage of working with patients after weight loss surgery in Los Angeles is the chance to form close, lasting relationships.  It’s important to address overarching health issues with these men and women, especially if they’ve had bariatric surgery, to ensure safety through the body sculpting process.  Therefore, I plan post weight loss plastic surgery with my patients very carefully, considering nutritional levels, pre-existing conditions and other factors that must be taken into account.

Finally, many weight loss patients require surgery on more than one area of the body. Often, weight loss patients consult with me first  for abdominoplasty or even a facelift, then return for a breast lift, arm lift, or thigh lift.  Through this progression, I have the privilege of witnessing patients’ growing joy in their newly slim, healthy bodies.

Big losers are big winners in my book.

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