Millennials: Why They’re Getting BOTOX® & Fillers

Dr. David Stoker

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Love it or hate it, the “selfie” is everywhere. Social media and smartphones are here to stay and, in our increasingly voyeuristic world, we all want to look our best. In no population is this more true than millennials. These women and men grew up with the internet and adapt easily to new technologies. It should come as no surprise, then, that BOTOX Cosmetic and filler procedures in my Los Angeles-area office are seeing a big rise in popularity among adults born after 1980.

Instant Gratification

One of the most exciting advancements in cosmetic medicine as a whole is the introduction of products and treatments that offer immediate results. These are especially popular with millennials, who generally appreciate instant gratification. Fillers are excellent examples of this. Fillers physically add volume at the moment of administration, which means they create results that patients can see immediately.

BOTOX Can Be Preventative

Even though BOTOX requires a bit of a wait before results appear, it’s nominal–patients usually see a visible reduction in wrinkles after only a few days. This is because BOTOX uses an active ingredient that reduces muscle activity, smoothing away wrinkles that are caused by facial movement. Emerging studies and anecdotal evidence also seem to suggest that BOTOX can be beneficial as a preventive treatment. By temporarily reducing the muscle movement that causes wrinkles, it can slow down the development of the skin creases like crow’s feet and forehead lines. Its indication for preventing the development of wrinkles makes BOTOX a nice option for younger patients who want to head off the aging process.

Fillers Do More Than Fill Wrinkles

Although injectable fillers are most commonly associated with wrinkles, they can also be artfully used to add soft volume to the lips, cheeks, temples, and other areas that could use a little boost. This helps improve the proportions of the face, helping patients of all ages achieve subtle, pleasing results that enhance their natural beauty. Learn more about fillers in this blog post.

The Stigma Has Faded

There’s another factor at play, too. As the population in general becomes more open about cosmetic enhancements, there’s no longer much of a stigma around the idea of “having work done.” Many people feel comfortable sharing their experiences with injectables and even more significant procedures, thanks in part to the popularity of online reviews.

Choose a Qualified Provider

Above all, it’s important for prospective patients of any age to choose a provider who has ample experience administering these powerful products. In my practice, I consult with filler patients to ensure we’re creating the best possible treatment plan for them. By trusting your face to a board-certified plastic surgeon and his or her staff, you can count on safe, attractive results that work in harmony with your own existing features, truly bringing out the best in your own unique face. Review our online before & after photo gallery of BOTOX patients and lip filler patients to see the possibilities.

If you would like to learn more about fillers and BOTOX–whether you are a millennial or not—at my Los Angeles-area practice, please contact us online or call (310) 620-6518 to request a consultation.

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