Mommy Makeover Recovery Tips with Dr. David Stoker

Dr. David Stoker board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. I’d like to give you some mommy makeover recovery tips. Number one, prepare in advance. We like you to be as healthy as possible; that includes being as close to your ideal weight as you’re realistically able to be. We like you to exercise a lot. If you exercise regularly in advance, it’ll be easier to bounce back after you’ve taken four to six weeks off to recover from the surgery. I’d avoid extensive sun exposure before the procedure; that’s traumatic for your skin.

When you have your operation, of course, you’re going to be limited in what you can do, so I encourage you to take care of your errands in advance and make sure you’ve got plenty of food at home and that you’ve got plenty of assistance. Make sure you create a support system at home where your family is rallying behind you to help you through this. At the end of the day, this is a really positive procedure that makes a huge impact on moms. This is Dr. David Stoker board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles.

After having children, your body can transform, sometimes not in desirable ways. You may notice sagging of the breasts, excess sagging skin of the abdomen, and in some cases, diastasis recti, which is when the abdominal muscles expand and don’t retract after birth, causing you to look bloated. At our practice, we specialize in surgical procedures such as tummy tucks, breast surgery, liposuction, and labiaplasty to reduce excess skin and sagging while enhancing your body contour and improving your confidence.

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