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All About Breast Asymmetry

Having one breast that is bigger than the other is a common reason why many women visit me to discuss breast augmentation in Los Angeles. Breast asymmetry may vary in form, position, or volume, and can occur for many reasons, such as hormonal changes or as a result of surgical complications or injury. Typically, however, I classify breast size irregularities into 1 of 2 categories: congenital breast asymmetry and post-surgical asymmetry.   Congenital Breast Asymmetry: Women with congenital breast asymmetry generally have pre-existing differences in their breasts, including uneven breast size, irregular areola size or position, dissimilar breast crease position, or … Continue reading »

Satisfied Husband of a Breast Augmentation Patient Gives 5 Stars to Dr. Stoker

Dr. Stoker is a phenomenal doctor.  My wife had a breast augmentation and we are both blown away with the results.  Personally, I felt his demeanor or “bed side manner” were superb.  My wife’s recovery was exactly as he expected it to be. However, the reason I wanted to yelp him was more for the spouses who may feel a little uncomfortable with these types of procedures.  I certainly did.  However, working with Dr. Stoker was so simple and relaxing that all / any reservations I had quickly diminished as our initial consolation. Bottom line, he is accomplished, kind, and … Continue reading »

Liposuction and Local Anesthesia: Is it Safe?

Many of my Los Angeles liposuction patients are interested in using local anesthesia for their procedures, but they are worried about the risks. The truth is that all plastic surgery procedures carry some risks, and the same is true when choosing anesthesia. Your surgeon should be able to recommend the most appropriate type of sedation based on personal preferences, the procedure, and the size of the treatment area.   For liposuction procedures, I offer the following options:   Local Anesthesia   Local anesthesia can be used with or without oral sedation. This option is often chosen by men and women who … Continue reading »

5 Stars from Satisfied Rhinoplasty Patient

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Stoker. The results from rhinoplasty are extremely natural looking. His nurse Tami is particularly knowledgeable and responds quickly to questions during the recovery process. From Vitals

Media Seeks Out Plastic Surgery Leader in Los Angeles to Discuss Mommy Makeovers

As increasing numbers of women seek mommy makeover plastic surgery, Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. David Stoker is frequently sought by the media to explain the concept to viewers, listeners and readers from coast to coast.   In a recent appearance on NBC’s Today show, Dr. Stoker related that many women he meets are interested in restoring their pre-pregnancy figures through a combination of breast surgery and body contouring.  The most common mommy makeover consists of abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction and breast augmentation.  Los Angeles area women, including many who work hard to take care of themselves, often need a … Continue reading »


Dr. Stoker is a thoughtful, talented and skilled surgeon. I cannot stress strongly enough how wonderful Dr. Stoker and his team are.Dr. Stoker and his staff are genuinely concerned for their patients. His nurse Tammy is patient, caring and funny. She helps put any nerves to rest.I had undergone a previous liposuction with another doctor and was left with horrible results. I consulted with several plastic surgeons and none of them could help. Doctor Stoker was confident that he could help my situation. He did not over promise but was direct, thoughtful and produced remarkable results. Dr. Stoker is an … Continue reading »

5 Star Rating from a Revision Rhinoplasty Patient

Dr. Stoker is a brilliant surgeon.   He fixed a botched rhinoplasty for me almost a year ago.   Dr. Stoker performed over 15 different procedures to open up my nasal passages which had threaded back together during the previous surgery 7 yrs. earlier.  I was able to fully breath through my nose for the first time in 7 years.  On top of that he made my nose look like a models by taking some cartiledge from behind my ear which he used to widen the top of my nose between my eyes and to make sure my nasal passages … Continue reading »

Another 5 Star Review from a Satisfied Liposuction Patient

Dr. Stoker is an amazing doctor who gave me the body that I tried to achieve with diet and exercise but unfortunately due to genetics could not get. Dr. Stoker did liposuction of my abdomen, flanks and hips and then I got a Brazilian but lift. I could not be happier with the results and the service that I received throughout the entire process. I had gone to 4 other doctors while searching for the best price and best doctor and Dr. Stoker was by far the best and most qualified to do the work. My body looks so natural … Continue reading »

New 5 Star Review: “I Love My Tummy”

First contact I had with Dr. Stoker’s office is when I brought a friend to her post surgical appointment. I met Tammy, Dr. Stoker’s nurse, she was amazing(love you Tammy). This gave me the courage to set up my own appointment. After three kids I had some skin and fat that need to be removed from my stomach area. I immediately liked Dr. Stoker. He said that I was a good candidate not an excellent one but he could make a substantial difference in my appearance. What I liked about him is that he is a realist. He is confident … Continue reading »

Breast Surgery after Weight Loss

Although many people may not think of breast surgery as a post-weight-loss procedure, breast enhancement is often needed to restore volume and shape. I offer many Laser Breast surgery procedures, which are particularly helpful for women who want to address two common concerns after weight loss: decreased breast volume and breast sagging.   How can laser breast surgery help?   Laser breast surgery is beneficial because it both lifts the breasts and restores a fuller, more youthful shape. This procedure involves using excess breast skin (which is normally removed during a traditional breast lift) to create an “internal bra” that … Continue reading »

Dr. David Stoker

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