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Donated Fat Cells from Liposuction Patients Aid in Stem Cell Research

Working out, eating right and living a healthy lifestyle are beneficial to people because it helps them live a higher quality of life. However, even with extensive dieting and exercise, some people are unable to shed excess fat from trouble areas such as the abdomen, hips, and thighs. With liposuction, you can get the body that you want and start feeling more confident. Patients that have their liposuction performed by Dr. Stoker not only look great, but for the last two years, they also contribute to groundbreaking stem cell research. Have you ever wondered what happens to the fat that … Continue reading »

Preparing for Rhinoplasty

Many people find themselves to be unhappy with the shape or size of their nose. For other people, abnormalities in the nose may be causing difficulty breathing and decrease the overall functionality of the nose. Luckily, the rhinoplasty procedure can sculpt the nose for a more desirable shape and help restore normal breathing. Dr. David Stoker is a skilled nose surgeon in Los Angeles that has performed hundreds of rhinoplasty procedures. To see why so many people choose him as their surgeon, you may view hundreds of his before and after pictures to see the results he has achieved for … Continue reading »

Why Liposuction is About More Than Just Looking Good (Clinical Studies Prove It!)

When people have difficulty losing weight despite dieting, exercise, and even medication, they will probably start thinking about having liposuction or a tummy tuck. Los Angeles plastic surgeons like myself stand ready to help these patients if they decide to pursue these surgical options. I often say to patients – both on my website (drstoker.com) and in person – that tummy tuck and liposuction are among my favorite procedures to perform. Why? Because the results are so dramatic and immediate. There is no substitute for the look on a grateful patient’s face when they see themselves minus the undesirable pads of fat, bulging thighs, and drooping … Continue reading »

Why You Should Choose Dr. Stoker for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Los Angeles is home to more than three million people, many of them are either beautiful, celebrities, or at least very image conscious. Locations like Beverly Hills and Hollywood help to highlight the strong focus on looking great, and are a big part of why LA has such a large number of plastic surgeons. If you’re thinking of having any kind of cosmetic procedure performed, then you need to take your time and find an expert plastic surgeon that can design your surgical plan to achieve your beauty goals. You’re making an investment in your body, so it’s important to … Continue reading »

Be Fully Aware of Your Breast Reconstruction Options

Recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a survey showing that 89% of women would want to see what the results of breast reconstruction surgery would look like before opting to undergo the necessary treatments for breast cancer. As a skilled breast surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Stoker will be able to give you an explanation of each option that you have for breast reconstruction and help you make an educated decision as to what the best surgical plan is for your aesthetic goals. Along with an explanation of your options, Dr. Stoker will provide you with an idea of what results you can … Continue reading »

Is a Tummy Tuck Right for Me?

Have you been working hard to try and shed excess fat to achieve a flat and toned midsection, but seem to not be getting the results you desire? As people age, go through pregnancy or undergo weight fluctuations, the skin and muscles of the abdominal region can become stretched and lose their ability to bounce back to the original orientation leaving you with sagging skin and fat pockets. Boost your confidence and achieve the flat toned midsection you want with tummy tuck surgery performed by Dr. Stoker. He is able to help both men and women increase their self-esteem level … Continue reading »

Minimally-Invasive & Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation Options

Do you want to reverse the signs of aging without surgery? With the latest advances in technology, cosmetic surgery procedures have become less invasive and safer than ever. With advances in minimally-invasive and non-surgical procedures, patients have safe and effective options for skin care. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David Stoker specializes in both surgical and non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures. During your consultation, you can explain your aesthetic goals and Dr. Stoker will help you create and individualized plan for you. There are several different non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation that include: BOTOX® Cosmetic- This cosmetic treatment helps patients … Continue reading »

Could You Lower Your Risk of Cancer By Having Liposuction?

Los Angeles residents are very accustomed to hearing about liposuction. Most of us know at least a couple of friends or relatives who have sought to reduce pockets of stubborn fat using liposuction. The change that one can experience with this procedure is truly amazing. As a plastic surgeon that has performed thousands of liposuction surgeries, for me it’s all in a day’s work. Because I stay at the forefront of the field by using the most advanced surgical techniques available, I know I can achieve consistently excellent results. I review and author many medical journal articles about liposuction. But when I saw a recent clinical … Continue reading »

Why People Choose to get Plastic Surgery

There is a magnitude of reasons why people choose to undergo plastic surgery procedures. Ultimately, these reasons break down into two groups. Patients will choose to undergo plastic surgery to improve in the aesthetic appearance of their body, or they will opt for plastic surgery for reconstructive reasons. Aesthetic plastic surgery is performed for patients that are focused on fixing a particular part of their body that has made them feel self-conscious.  On the other hand, for patients seeking reconstructive plastic surgery, they are looking to correct areas of the body either damaged due to injury or a congenital birth … Continue reading »

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition with Dr. Stoker

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition once again introduces us to a touching story. Tony, a 49 year old man that has struggled with weight his whole life has the opportunity of a lifetime to turn his life around and become a new man. The culprit for Tony’s weight gain like many people was too much fast food and not enough motivation to stay fit. Along with Chris Powell, Tony is ready to turn his life around with the help of his personal trainer and other doctors along the way. Through an intensive lifestyle change Tony hopes that by his 50th … Continue reading »

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