Plastic Surgery Do-Over: Do You Need Revision Surgery?

Dr. David Stoker

Disappointing results or complications following cosmetic plastic surgery can leave patients feeling frustrated and helpless. Women and men who come to my Los Angeles plastic surgery practice seeking to correct unsatisfactory outcomes provided by another surgeon are understandably anxious about having another operation. That’s why I provide them with details about how a revision procedure, such as revision breast augmentation, is performed, and what they can expect.

If you’re considering revision plastic surgery, it’s helpful to understand a few issues that are unique to these procedures before beginning your journey. These considerations include the timing of your procedure, being realistic about your expectations, and the importance of choosing an experienced plastic surgeon. Let’s look at each of these factors in a bit more detail:


For many patients, one of the most difficult aspects of plastic surgery is having patience throughout the process. It can take months for you to see your full results. Breast augmentation surgery is one example. Breast implants need to settle into place before you can assess the outcome, and this can take several months. A rhinoplasty patient should wait a year before judging the results of his or her nose job. So waiting until your results are complete is important before assuming you need revision surgery. Additionally, your body needs time to heal from the first surgery. Even if it’s clear that revision surgery is necessary, you’ll need to wait until you’re physically able to undergo a second surgery.


Having realistic expectations is key to deciding if you need revision surgery. When I consult with patients, I explain what can and cannot be achieved with the procedure. Some patients’ results clearly do not match their expectations, and revision surgery is needed. A surgeon’s inexperience or lack of technical skill may be the reason, or complications (though rare) can occur. If revision surgery is necessary, it’s important to discuss your goals and understand the limitations of cosmetic surgery.

Choosing a Surgeon

Although it’s always important to thoroughly research plastic surgeons before making a choice, revision procedures require even more diligence. The reason for this is that revision surgeries are almost always more complicated than the initial surgery. Rhinoplasty is a challenging procedure to begin with, and revision rhinoplasty can involve techniques that few plastic surgeons have mastered. Breast implant revision poses similar challenges, such as the presence of scar tissue.

I’ve been performing revision plastic surgery for more than 25 years and take a great deal of pride in helping men and women regain their confidence after having an unsatisfactory experience with cosmetic surgery. Each patient’s situation is unique, and it’s important for all patients to understand their options. The consultation gives me a chance to assess the patient’s condition and explain the possible solutions.

If you think you may need revision plastic surgery, get in touch with our practice to schedule a personal consultation.

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