Real Self Interviews Dr. Stoker on Meredith’s upcoming Body Lift Surgery

Dr. David Stoker

In a recent interview with Real Self, Dr. Stoker discussed the upcoming body lift surgery that Meredith would be having. On June 4th, it was revealed that Meredith had reached her goal weight off 155 lbs. with the help of fitness trainer Chris Powell on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss. Meredith was so dedicated to reaching her goal weight that she tattooed the words “Believe It, Be It” on her lower abdomen.  After reaching her goal weight, Dr. Stoker has deemed that she is a good candidate to have surgery to remove the excess hanging skin and tighten her tummy.

One major looming question is whether or not the body lift surgery Dr. Stoker performs will remove the entire tattoo that Meredith has on her lower stomach. Since Meredith had lost over 100 lbs on her weight loss journey, she will need an extended tummy tuck, removing all of the skin on the lower abdomen.  Since the tattoo is on the lower abdomen, that means it will be completely removed with the skin removal surgery. Dr. Stoker even said that there will be at least four square feet removed from her midsection.

Dr. Stoker also discussed in his interview with Real Self how Meredith would have a much easier time performing an activity she loves, running!  Dr. Stoker explained how the excess skin that patients are left with after a massive weight loss can cause difficulty in exercises because of the excess skin bouncing and even chaffing. The excess skin can also develop a rash from repeated chaffing and accumulated moisture.  By removing this skin, Dr. Stoker is able to help alleviate the pain caused by the rubbing as well as lift embarrassment that is associated with having the flapping skin. Once Meredith has her skin removal surgery, she will be able to better enjoy running and feel more confident while doing it.

For Dr. Stoker’s full interview with Real Self, check out the article, RealSelf asks Dr. Stoker about Meredith’s upcoming body lift surgery after losing 159 lbs on the June 4th episode.

Beating the battle against obesity is an impressive accomplishment. However, having excess skin that sags around the body can be discouraging. Get the body you have already worked so hard for with the help of Dr. Stoker. He will assist you in finding a surgical program that best meets your needs. Call 310-300-1779 to schedule your consultation today!

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