3 Fat Burning Mistakes Moms Should Avoid

Dr. David Stoker

Carrying and bearing a child for nine months is a difficult task for most mothers. It also unveils many significant effects that women see with their bodies after pregnancy. Once you have had your baby, there is always that urge to get back that slim and beautiful shape you worked hard to keep. However, there are plenty of mistakes that most mothers make during their weight loss program.

A mommy makeover may be what you need to get your body back if your attempts fail.  At my Los Angeles-area practice, we often combine breast augmentation, face lift, and tummy tuck or liposuction to help our patients reclaim those curves and attractive face they love so much. To help you get you closer to your aesthetic goals, we are going to share with you some fat burning mistakes that every woman should avoid.

Switch up Your Cardio Regimen

Most women are led to believe that spending hours on the elliptical trainer is blasting fat in all the right places. The elliptical and other cardio machines can help you lose weight but not as much as you hope for. Women’s bodies naturally adapt to consistent routines, and eventually they reach a plateau that no longer sheds the fat like it used to. In order to keep melting the fat, you should keep your body guessing by mixing your cardio routines with other exercises such as swimming, dancing, hiking, and cycling.

Stop Ignoring the Weights

Many weight-loss enthusiasts steer clear of weight training because of the misconception that lifting weights will cause weight gain and bulky muscles. In fact weight training burns fat more efficiently because your body is working harder to complete the exercise. It is a win-win because your muscles tighten and problem areas burn fat with a consistent weight-training regimen.

Never Skip a Meal

Skipping a meal is actually sabotaging your weight loss efforts. When we eat, our metabolism works quickly to break down food into usable energy. So if you skip a meal, your metabolism does nothing to create energy, and when you do eat your next meal, your metabolism will not function as well as it normally does to break down food. This influences your body to harvest the food as unwanted fat, something you do not wish to have in certain areas.

Skipping meals also has the ability to tarnish your health. According to a study from the journal Metabolism, research showed that people who skipped two meals a day but did not change their total caloric intake elevated fasting glucose levels and delayed insulin response—two common issues that lead to diabetes.

If you are unsatisfied with your body after pregnancy and you are looking for a solution, avoiding these mistakes helps you get the body and shape you deserve. If you need a little extra help for long-lasting results, a mommy makeover can help bring your pre-pregnancy body back. How do you know if you’re at the right weight for a mommy makeover? I offer some guidance in this related blog post.

If you’re wondering whether a mommy makeover produces the type of results you’re looking for, you can see some of my patients’ real-world results in our photo gallery. You can also request a consultation online to learn how mommy makeover procedures such as a tummy tuck at my Los Angeles practice can contour your body.

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