Traveling for Plastic Surgery: It’s Easier Than You Think

Dr. David Stoker

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As a plastic surgeon, I pride myself on providing optimal care to patients undergoing all sorts of aesthetic procedures, including surgery after weight loss, here in my Los Angeles-area practice. Being located in a major metropolitan area, especially one that doubles as a large tourist destination, means I see plenty of patients from other states and even other countries. It’s an honor that these individuals choose me to help them change their lives, and I feel a responsibility to do everything I can to make their experiences simple, streamlined, and effective.

I’m proud of my credentials and the work I’ve put into my career. I’m board certified in plastic surgery and I’ve helped thousands of patients realize the best versions of themselves. I’ve worked very hard to set myself apart from competing surgeons, and when you read more about my credentials, I think you’ll agree that I’ve been successful.

My office is technically just outside the city limits of Los Angeles, in an attractive waterfront community called Marina del Rey. We’re only about 15 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), making it easy for even first-time visitors to get to my office. Additionally, there are no shortage of accommodations just down the street. When you take advantage of my fly-in program, you can recover in comfort in one of the hotels or aftercare facilities with which I have a partnership.

Let’s review the process you can expect when you visit me from out of town.

Step 1: Consultation

Depending on where you live, you may opt to visit us in person or to undergo a virtual consultation with me. You can participate in your virtual consultation in the privacy of your own home, using your webcam to show me your areas of concern. Just as we would during an in-person consultation, we’ll spend a portion of this “appointment” discussing your surgical options and creating a plan. My patient coordinator does much of the logistical legwork here, helping you with travel and accommodation plans.

Step 2: Scheduling

If you’ve decided to move forward with your procedure, a member of my team will schedule it with you. Surgical procedures require a pre-op appointment, typically the day before your surgery. During this visit (which needs to be in person), you can expect a physical examination and a general overview of pre- and post-op guidelines. I perform surgery in an accredited surgery center that’s just across the street from my office. Your pre-op appointment is an excellent opportunity for you to have your questions answered and learn more about your procedure. We do our best to ensure this appointment is unhurried and thorough.

Step 3: Recovery

Depending on the nature of your procedure and your own personal preferences, you may opt to spend your first night in a medically staffed aftercare facility or simply head to your hotel. Plan to spend between 7 and 10 days in L.A. to allow for follow-up visits. Provided everything goes according to plan, you should be safely able to return home at this point.

No matter where you’re from, your well-being is my main priority. After your procedure, we can refer you to a physician in your hometown to monitor your ongoing healing process.

We hope you’ll find this process easier than you expect. Reach out to us today to start this exciting journey.

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