What Body Lift Surgery Can Do For You!

Dr. David Stoker

Patients that choose to have body lift surgery are typically people that have a large volume of loose and sagging skin in multiple areas on their body. This excess skin is typically the result of a massive weightloss and the skin was unable to bounce back to its original orientation on the body. The main goal of body lift surgery is to bring the patient’s body back to a state of normalcy and create a shape that is much more desired. After losing a large amount of weight and years of aging, the skin becomes less elastic and causes the skin to droop. Dr. Stoker is able to give patients life changing and body altering results that makes lives more enjoyable.

When Dr. Stoker performs body lift surgeries,he removes primarily the excess skin. A body lift procedure is not a good way to lose weight, so patients considering body lift surgery should ideally be close to their ideal weight. For demale patients still considering having children, Dr. Stoker can modify the procedure to accomadate their plans. Although the results of body lift surgery are long lasting, child birth and rapid weight gain can potentially reverse the results. For patients that do have a small amount of fat deposits, Dr. Stoker may recommend that you consider liposuction in combination with the body lift to create an overall countoured look.

Patients that are considered the best candidates for body lift surgery are in good health and have stable weight. Dr. Stoker will talk with you about your expectations to ensure that the body you have in mind is realistic and also, explain to you what results you can expect from the procedure.

Before performing any surgery, Dr. Stoker will order a series of pre-operative tests to ensure that your are indeed in good health and that your body will react well with the surgery. He may also advise you to stop taking certain medications and supplements. Additionally, he may have you begin a specific eating regimen in the weeks before surgery to prepare your body. All patients that are smokers will be required to quit smoking well in advance of the date of surgery because smokers have shown to have a higher risk of complications in surgery.

Recovery time varies from patient to patient after surgery, but typically patients report that they are able to return to light work in about 1-2 weeks. . It is important that you make sure to not put any stress or force on your surgical incisions. To ensure the smoothest recovery possible it is crucial that you follow all of the orders of Dr. Stoker. Following the requirements to get proper rest, eat the right foods and scheduled medications are some simple things that will aid in your recovery. Make sure that you do not return to any type of strenuous work until you have gotten clearance from Dr Stoker himself. After working through a smooth recovery you can enjoy the dramatic results of body lift surgery and show off your new body.

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