During a Tummy Tuck, What Happens to Your Belly Button?

Learn about the realities of a tummy tuck and how it effects your belly button

Tummy tucks are well-known for their ability to produce a toned, contoured stomach. But moving the skin and tightening muscle can have an unintended side effect: changing how your belly button looks.

One of the easiest ways to spot a low-quality tummy tuck is an unnatural-looking belly button. Without attentive care and proper techniques, it can become weirdly shaped or seem “misplaced” on the body. My tummy tuck patients in Los Angeles know they can trust me to create a flattering, natural-looking belly button.

But how exactly does a tummy tuck change the belly button? And what does the process involve? Keep reading to find out!

What exactly happens during a tummy tuck?

During a tummy tuck, the surgeon creates a horizontal incision that connects from hip to hip. This incision allows surgeons to remove excess skin and repair abdominal muscles. A small cut is also made around the belly button itself, although the stalk the belly button is attached to remains untouched. As excess skin is pulled downward and removed, a new opening for the belly button is created. The belly button stalk is placed through this opening and carefully sewn into place.

What should the belly button look like after tummy tuck surgery?

An attractive result is all about the details. To create a natural-looking belly button, it’s important to be careful with incision placement and fat contouring. Your surgeon can prevent noticeable scarring by hiding incisions along the belly button’s inner edge. The soft tissues around the area also need to be carefully sculpted to create a gentle inset on the proper section of the body.

Here are some examples of my patients’ belly buttons after tummy tuck surgery:

Before & After Tummy Tuck Case 436 View #1 View in Los Angeles, CA
Before & After a Tummy Tuck
Before & After Tummy Tuck Case 1180 View #1 View in Los Angeles, CA
Before & After a Tummy Tuck
Before & After Tummy Tuck Case 771 View #1 View in Los Angeles, CA
Before & After a Tummy Tuck
Before & After Tummy Tuck Case 765 View #1 View in Los Angeles, CA
Before & After a Tummy Tuck

I personally have developed my own special technique for creating a new belly button during a tummy tuck. I use a crescent-shaped skin excision to create an upper fold of skin, such as found on regular belly buttons. I also carefully bury any external sutures so that the stitch marks are not visible. These details and others can produce a beautiful outcome that complements your brand-new stomach.

Can you ask your doctor to change your belly button?

Yes! People might want their belly buttons changed for a variety of reasons. Sometimes moms watch their “innie” become an “outie” during pregnancy. Or sometimes people lose a lot of weight and watch their belly button become “slumped” in the process. No matter the reason, discuss your options with your surgeon. They can create a new shape or placement that works for you.

Learn How a Tummy Tuck Can Benefit You

A new, attractively shaped belly button isn’t the only side benefit of tummy tuck surgery. Learn a few other unexpected perks of a tummy tuck in our related blog post.

Whether you want to slim your figure or change your belly button, a tummy tuck can give you a satisfying result. Browse our before-and-after gallery to see more patient tummy tuck transformations. If you’re considering treatment or have any other questions, contact our practice using the online form or by calling (310) 300-1779 to schedule an appointment.

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