What to Know Before You Get Breast Augmentation

Dr. David Stoker

Woman is happy with her breast augmentation results. Even though breast augmentation patients at my Los Angeles practice ultimately love their results, the initial changes after surgery can sometimes take them by surprise. The results they see in the first few days of recovery often don’t reflect the vision they had in mind, which can take a few weeks to fully develop.

It’s important for breast augmentation patients to be aware of what they can expect after the procedure. I do my best to eliminate any surprises when it comes to plastic surgery, and that includes setting clear expectations for the recovery period. In this blog post, I’ll outline a few lesser-known facts about life after breast augmentation to keep you informed and fully prepared for your next steps.

Expect Post-Surgery Swelling

When you first look at your breasts after surgery, they may look notably larger than what we discussed. You’ll see a more ideal, proportional result after a few weeks as your swelling subsides.

Implants Feel Unnatural at First

It’s normal for implants to sit higher on the chest post-surgery, causing an unnatural look and feel. Give yourself 3 to 5 weeks for the implants to settle, before you assess the outcome. For a result that most closely mimics the feel of natural breast tissue, I recommend choosing silicone implants.

Your Nipples Will Look Different

The nipples and areola may look disproportionate to the implants, right after the procedure, because the skin has been stretched. After the swelling reduces and the implants settle, the nipples and areola will adjust, too.

Itchy Skin

As the skin stretches to accommodate the implants, it will likely feel itchy. Healing incision sites may itch as well. This is to be expected. However, if you experience any bleeding or intense pain, you should call our office, so we can address the issue.

Implants Don’t Last Forever

Breast implants don’t need to be replaced based on a specific timeline, but most young patients will have another breast procedure at some point. Changes such as pregnancy or weight loss may require adjustments, and changing desires over time may prompt a revision as well.

The best way to be prepared for your surgery and recovery process is to be honest about your concerns and expectations. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I can help you choose the implants and procedure method best suited to your body and lifestyle.

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss all these considerations to make sure our goals and plans for your surgery are completely aligned. I look forward to helping you achieve a body that makes you feel more attractive and confident than ever.

For an idea of the results you can expect, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you’re interested in starting your breast augmentation journey here in Los Angeles, please contact us online or call (310) 300-1779 to request a consultation.

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