Why People Choose to get Plastic Surgery

Dr. David Stoker

There is a magnitude of reasons why people choose to undergo plastic surgery procedures. Ultimately, these reasons break down into two groups. Patients will choose to undergo plastic surgery to improve in the aesthetic appearance of their body, or they will opt for plastic surgery for reconstructive reasons. Aesthetic plastic surgery is performed for patients that are focused on fixing a particular part of their body that has made them feel self-conscious.  On the other hand, for patients seeking reconstructive plastic surgery, they are looking to correct areas of the body either damaged due to injury or a congenital birth defect. Regardless of the reason for choosing plastic surgery, patients urge that you need to have an expert plastic surgeon perform the procedure to achieve optimal results. That is why so many patients seek out Dr. Stoker for their plastic surgery procedures.

After undergoing plastic surgery from Dr. Stoker, patients are thrilled with their results and more confident than ever. It is even the case that some patients claim to have obtained a higher self-esteem and have become more personable after getting through recovery. This increase in self-esteem is a result of finally feeling comfortable in the body they have. Some patients feel that they have a nose that is just too big, or a bust size that is too small or too large. Dr. Stoker is able to bring a proportional look to his patients so that other features of the body can be highlighted. Undergoing plastic surgery helps patients to unveil other features that they already have to offer by toning down or enhancing other aspects of the body.

When trying to choose a procedure that is best for the goals of the patient, it is important that they discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of the procedure with Dr. Stoker. By discussing the specific goals that they have for their body, Dr. Stoker can explain what the best course of action is for them to achieve those goals. For example, patients that are seeking to have rhinoplasty should talk about the specific aspects of their nose that they do not like, or the functions they are having trouble performing with their nose. These details will help Dr. Stoker understand the type of nose surgery required to achieve the goal, either a rhinoplasty or septoplasty.

Overall, the field of plastic surgery is growing as technological advances allow for procedures to be safer with less risk of complications.  Unhappiness with the body can lead to greater troubles then just not being able to fit into a pair of shorts or wear a designer pair of sunglasses. Constantly dwelling on features of the body that are not up to one’s standards can bring an emotional toll on patients as well. Plastic surgery with Dr. Stoker not only will improve the physical appearance of his patients, but will also improve their self-esteem and confidence levels. Now that plastic surgery is becoming safer than ever before, patients can finally fix the parts of their body that have bothered them for so long and lead a life of happiness.

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