Why the Holidays Are a Good Time for Plastic Surgery

Dr. David Stoker

Woman in Holiday HatWhat do the winter holidays mean to you? For some, winter is an important time of year to catch up and connect with family and friends. For others, it’s a time of reflection—to think back on the year and plan for the future. Paired with the cooler air and time off work, these personal motivations also make it a great time of year to finally undergo the plastic surgery procedure you’ve been considering.

Cooler Weather, More Comfortable Recuperation

One major and often overlooked reason to pursue plastic surgery in the winter is the weather. Here in Southern California, our winters are cool, but not cold. They’re also relatively predictable and don’t have the uncomfortable heat and humidity of the summer months. Many of the top plastic surgeons in Los Angeles perform more procedures during fall and winter simply because their patients feel it’s a more pleasant time to recuperate. In the cooler months, there’s no need to worry about cranking up the air conditioning or getting sweaty under your bandages and dressings.

Holidays Provide Paid Time Off for Recovery

When I see patients for plastic surgery consultations in my Los Angeles practice, they typically have questions and concerns about recovery time. For many people, it’s difficult to take off much time from work, and doubly so if you’d like to keep your procedure private. But with most employers offering at least some paid holidays during the winter, it’s easier to minimize the impact on your work life, and you can use some of your paid holiday time to recuperate.

Getting Help from Family and Friends

So what roles do your friends and family play during the holidays? Plenty! If you plan your procedure for a time that syncs with your confidantes’ holiday schedule, you can ask for their help during the initial recovery period, which can sometimes be a bit involved. Even if you have a less-invasive procedure, you’ll still need to spend at least a couple of days close to home. With trusted friends and family available to assist, you’ll have the extra hands you need for things like pet care, grocery shopping, and other everyday chores you might not feel up to. At other times of the year it may be more difficult to coincide your surgery with the schedules of people in your support network.

Winter’s Recovery … Summer’s Results

And one of the best reasons to consider surgery in the winter … the results! Certain procedures, such as breast augmentation or liposuction, take some time before the long-term results are fully noticeable. Although you can return to work and other normal activities within a couple of weeks after surgery, it will take several months for swelling to completely resolve and for tissues to normalize. When patients have surgery in the winter, they’re ready to reveal their results just as the weather warms up. I love that winter procedures allow my patients to get the most out of summer without needing to spend some of it in recovery mode. If you treat yourself to a holiday gift of plastic surgery, you’ll be ready for the sunshine and won’t have to wait to sport that bikini or wear that flirty cocktail dress.

It’s not too early to start thinking about winter time plastic surgery. Beat the crowd and contact my office today using the online form or call our office at (310) 300-1779 to schedule your first consultation. Together, we’ll get to work planning your perfect procedure—and your perfect timeline—so you can look your personal best.

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