Is a Tummy Tuck Right for Me?

Dr. David Stoker

Have you been working hard to try and shed excess fat to achieve a flat and toned midsection, but seem to not be getting the results you desire? As people age, go through pregnancy or undergo weight fluctuations, the skin and muscles of the abdominal region can become stretched and lose their ability to bounce back to the original orientation leaving you with sagging skin and fat pockets. Boost your confidence and achieve the flat toned midsection you want with tummy tuck surgery performed by Dr. Stoker. He is able to help both men and women increase their self-esteem level by removing the extra skin and fat and then tightening the muscles underneath for a smooth, firm midsection.

Patients trust Dr. Stoker to perform their tummy tuck procedure for good reason. He is an author to several large clinical studies on tummy tuck surgery safety as well as the author of plastic surgery textbook chapters on body contouring. Additionally, he has a large amount of before and after photos that display his artful eye and beautiful results. Dr. Stoker will perform your tummy tuck to your specific needs and aesthetic goals. In some cases, patients do not need a full tummy tuck and will have a mini tummy tuck. Typically, patients that require a large amount of correction will need to have the full tummy tuck.

With a full tummy tuck, Dr. Stoker will make an incision between the belly button and hips to remove the surrounding skin. This allows for the skin to be separated from the abdominal muscles underneath so that both can be tightened. A new bellybutton opening will need to be created as the skin will have been pulled over the existing one. With a mini tummy tuck, also known as a partial abdominoplasty, fat and excess skin below the belly button is removed. Dr. Stoker is able to use smaller incisions for this procedure and in most cases the belly button will not be moved. For both procedures, Dr. Stoker will apply dressings and wrap the area with a compression garment to keep the wound clean. He will also place a drainage tube in the incision to keep excess fluids from building up. Dr. Stoker also positions his incisions where they can be covered by bikini underwear.

If you are considering a tummy tuck, then you can set up a consultation with Dr. Stoker by calling his office at 310-300-1779 or request your consultation online. View all of Dr. Stoker’s tummy tuck before and after pictures to see the great results he has accomplished for his other tummy tuck patients.

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