Is a Nonsurgical ‘Facelift’ Making Surgical Facelifts Obsolete? (Spoiler Alert: No)

A woman looks in the mirror and contemplates the benefits of getting a facelift.

One of the most common questions I hear from patients considering a facelift at my Los Angeles plastic surgery practice is whether nonsurgical alternatives can provide the same benefits as a full surgical procedure. With the rise of injectable treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers, patients are getting more and more excited about achieving a rejuvenated appearance through a minimally invasive approach.

Injectables are wonderful and I recommend them for a wide variety of uses, but there are some results only a surgical facelift can deliver. There are several good reasons the tried-and-true procedure hasn’t become obsolete—despite advancements and a wider variety of options in nonsurgicals.

What a Liquid Facelift With Injectables Can Do

Patients love nonsurgical or “liquid” facelifts with injectables because they require little to no downtime and can produce quick results. A liquid facelift includes:

  • BOTOX and Dysport relax specific muscles in the face to smooth out lines and wrinkles caused by repeated contractions. Frown lines and crow’s feet are among the most common concerns treated by this approach.
  • Dermal fillers minimize deep lines and creases by providing volume underneath the skin. In addition to smoothing wrinkles, fillers can recontour the face to add lift and definition to the cheeks, temples, and other features.
Before & After Cheek Fillers Case 1651 View #1 View in Los Angeles, CA
Before & After Liquid Facelift
Before & After Liquid Facelift

It’s important to note that liquid facelift results are temporary. BOTOX typically lasts 3 to 4 months. Fillers, depending on the product, can last 9 months to 2 years. A liquid facelift is a popular choice among patients who feel they are not ready for a facelift, but it cannot match the rejuvenating effects of a surgical facelift.

What a Surgical Facelift Can Do

While the surgical nature and greater recovery time of a facelift sometimes make it seem like a less desirable choice, the fact is that a facelift provides solutions for concerns no other approach does. A facelift can:

  • Reduce the appearance of jowls, sagging skin, and loss of definition around the neck and jawline. Fillers cannot adequately address these areas.
  • Create results that last for years and improve your appearance for a lifetime. Even as the aging process continues, your results will help you appear younger and more refreshed.
  • Be tailored to your specific goals. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all facelift. Each surgery is specifically designed to create the best possible outcome for each unique patient.
Before & After a Surgical Facelift
Before & After a Surgical Facelift
Before & After a Surgical Facelift
Before & After Facelift - Traceless Facelift Case 831 View #1 View in Los Angeles, CA
Before & After a Surgical Facelift

Combining Both

Nonsurgical treatments are an important component of modern facial rejuvenation and they can be especially helpful when it comes to extending the life of a full surgical facelift procedure. Combining surgery with injectable touch-ups is a great way to create natural-looking results that last for years. When you come in for a consultation, I will work with you to create a custom treatment plan that combines all available avenues to highlight your favorite features and keep you looking your best.

If you’re interested in learning more about facial rejuvenation with a facelift in Los Angeles, please contact us online or call (310) 300-1779 to schedule your initial consultation.

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