Post-Summer Skin Care Tips

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Living in Southern California can take a toll on your skin, especially in the summer and fall when people spend a lot of time outside. Even though preventing damage is the best skincare strategy, that’s not always possible. But it’s never too late to repair skin damaged by sun exposure with treatments such as chemical peels at my Los Angeles plastic surgery practice.

Pool parties, beach days, and the normal wear-and-tear long summer days put on the skin can result in dry skin, clogged pores, and chapped lips. Post-summer skin treatments can both improve the skin’s health and create a more youthful appearance, especially when combined with a customized daily skincare regimen.

Luckily, all it takes to reboot skin are a few tweaks to your current skincare routine. Need a little guidance? Read on for tips on how to care for your skin post-summer!

Featured Treatments

Chemical Peels

These adjustable treatments can improve the skin’s appearance on the neck, hands, and face. We adjust the depth of peels depending on the health and appearance of the patient’s skin. Light peels produce minimal dryness or flaking and don’t require much downtime. A deeper peel can produce dramatic results, but patients can expect the recovery to take at least a week. The smoother skin revealed after a peel is more sensitive to the sun, and it’s important to apply sunscreen repeatedly throughout the day. Take a look at our gallery of before-and-after photos to see the types of results chemical peels can produce.


Unclogging pores filled with gunk and dirt at the end of the summer is one of the primary benefits of microdermabrasion. The treatment blasts the skin with tiny crystals and water, loosening dead skin cells, which are then vacuumed. The procedure is actually quite gentle, and patients remain comfortable during the treatment. You can expect your skin to appear red for a few hours or even a day, depending on the skin’s sensitivity.

Laser skin resurfacing

Fractional lasers, such as Fraxel®, create pinpoint micro-columns in the skin to trigger the body’s natural healing process. Because this treatment doesn’t treat the skin’s entire outer layer, the discomfort is minimal, and the recovery is shorter. Laser skin resurfacing is popular among patients whose skin is rough or who want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

As I mentioned earlier, taking care of your skin throughout the year will extend the effectiveness of periodic maintenance treatments such as those described above. Sunscreen, especially in Los Angeles, is a must. Apply it at least twice a day. Lip balms are another essential to help keep your lips moist and youthful-looking. And you can never moisturize your skin too much. Moisturizing creams aren’t just for bedtime. Use them throughout the day and include a moisturizer every time you wash your face.

Healthy, smooth skin isn’t just something women are concerned about. Men can benefit from a post-summer skin detox, too. You can contact us using the online form to request a skincare consultation or give us a call at (310) 300-1779 to schedule an appointment.

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