Recycle Unwanted Fat with a Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. David Stoker

Many people desire to have a more shapely body with slimmed contours, but diet and exercise alone has not given them the results they want. With the Brazilian Butt Lift, Dr. Stoker uses a technique that allows patients to look forward to not only a perkier behind, but also, a reduction of fat in unwanted areas of the body. Depending on the patients needs, Dr. Stoker will harvest fat from target areas of the body such as the torso or thighs and then transfer that to the behind to create a smooth and sexy shape. According to Real Self, 93% of patients (based on 2,953 cases) said that the Brazilian Butt Lift was worth the results!

Each procedure is individualized so that you are sure to be happy with your results. As it is the patient’s own tissue being used to enhance their shape, there is less risk for complications as opposed to if an actual implant was used for the procedure. The patient can choose how much they would like to enhance their posterior using the excess fat removed from the flanks thighs or other area. However, there is some limitation depending on how much excess fat there is available for Dr. Stoker to remove for transfer.

Dr. Stoker harvests the fat by making small incisions in the areas where fat is going to be removed. After the fat is removed and properly prepared for transfer, large amounts of fat are injected in multiple layers. It is important that the fat is placed in multiple layers because it allows the transferred fat every chance to connect back with the blood supply in the buttocks and helps with the survival rate of the fat. It is also important that each injection is properly placed to ensure a desirable shape for the buttocks.

The Brazilian Butt Lift can be for any patient that is in overall good health and desires to slim their shape, yet plump up their behind. The procedure can be used for older women that are looking to get a perkier posterior after years of gravity’s toll on the body, or for younger women that want to further enhance their shape. For patients that do not have a lot of excess fat however, the procedure may not be right for them.

During your consultation, you can ask all the questions you may have so that you completely understand what the procedure can do for you. You can also view a large number of before and after pictures to see what types of results Dr. Stoker has been able to achieve for his other patients. Call today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Stoker, in his beautiful new Marina del Rey plastic surgery office to discuss your individual needs.

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