Why Facelift Surgery is Different for Men

Man smiling and showing the results of his facelift

Without question, men in Southern California feel pressure to maintain a youthful appearance that communicates masculinity. Aging takes its toll on the face, etching wrinkles and creating jowls that can make you look much older than you feel. Facelift surgery is one answer for Los Angeles men when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon who understands that the techniques used for male facelifts are different than those for female patients.

Not only can facelift surgery help men appear younger, research shows it can influence the way co-workers and acquaintances perceive them. In a first of its kind study, plastic surgeons at Georgetown University Medical Center found that when a man chose to have facial plastic surgery, it significantly increased perceptions of attractiveness, likeability, social skills, or trustworthiness. The study was published last year in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, a peer-reviewed journal.

Increase in Men Getting Cosmetic Treatments

In a competitive job market and the age of social media, more men than ever are turning to cosmetic treatments to reverse signs of aging and maintain a vital, youthful look. Men now make up about 15% of the cosmetic surgery market, including facial plastic surgery procedures such as brow lifts, rhinoplasty, and facelifts.

Many preferred male facial features, however, are the opposite of what is considered attractive for a woman’s face. For example, features typically thought of as more masculine include prominent cheekbones, a square jaw, and a well-defined chin. Women, on the other hand, usually want round cheeks, softer contours, a wide smile, and large, wide eyes.

Men, in general, are more comfortable getting nonsurgical tweaks, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, filler injections, or laser skin resurfacing. These can produce excellent results for the right patients but may not be appropriate treatments for patients with sagging skin and lost volume. The most effective, natural, long-lasting, and cost-effective treatment for facial aging remains a well-performed facelift and neck lift.

Many men add complementary procedures to their facelifts to minimize the number of operations needed. The most common add-on procedures include eyelid surgery and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatments such as BOTOX and fillers. When you choose a plastic surgeon for a facelift, it’s important that he or she understands the techniques needed for male patients. This includes paying close attention to concealing incisions within the hairline and whiskers and understanding how male facial hair influences where to make incisions.

The Instagram post explains why this information is critical for plastic surgeons to know. You can see the results that facelift surgery can produce by visiting our gallery of before-and-after photos showing some of my actual patients.


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